Make your product something to be experienced

It is well known that interactivity is an efficient way to convert customer interest into a purchase. Kinect is the way to do it! This solution captures the user's every movement, placing the customer in a three-dimensional world where he or she can actually interact with your product. That's impressive enough in itself, but as a sales tool it's quite unique, allowing the prospective buyer to explore and become more familiar with your product. And familiarity puts you ahead of the competitors.

The Kinect solution makes it possible to visualise products down to the smallest detail – even products that are hard to explain in words. We create a tailor-made, photo-realistic platform that frames your product in an ideal light. The interface can be blown up on a large screen and, with the help of cameras with motion sensors, a customer standing in front of the screen can select, sort and view products, turn them on, turn them around, change colour, move them – anything they fancy! Entertaining and unique.
Give your customers a sci-fi experience with Cadesign form and Microsoft Kinect.

Is your product better suited to a 360-degree presentation?

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