A while back, we posted an article about the different steps of making a 3D image. Now, as we’re approaching the Holiday season, we thought it would be interesting to illustrate how the same scene can be reused for seasonal purposes in a rather simple manner.

Take for instance this image we made for Rais a few years ago:



This is a very nice Scandinavian living room with Rais’ product being the centre of the room. But what if we like this image so much that we want to use it again – but wish to add some Christmas decorations this time?

No problem! As we described in our other article, we go through seven main steps when making a 3D image. When we already have the scene and only have to make minor alterations, we can go back to any given step in the process and just repeat the remaining steps. As you can see below, the living room is the exact same – but now it is decorated differently and it is slightly darker outside.




Since we do not have to repeat all seven steps when we restyle a scene, there is great potential in using CGI for seasonal purposes - whether this is for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, or summer holiday. Try to take advantage of the flexibility and meet your customers where they are. At this time of year, we appreciate images full of Christmas spirit that make our mind wander and think of family gatherings and cozying up inside. So use this to your advantage and make a custom seasonal greeting based on your product images. Happy Holidays!


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