3 - 2 - 1 - Lift off

Product launch ready for take off

You've worked for months or even years to make the perfect product. Hours spent, money spent, testing done and all engines running...

3 - 2 - 1 you're ready for lift off!

... mission failed...

What happened? Did you neglect to plan what would happen after take-off?

"What's in it for me?"

Let's go upside-down and start with the bottom-line: No one cares why or how you did it. They want to know WHAT your product can do for them.

So, sit down a group of people, make them act as your defined customer segments (or even invite actual customers) and write down all the USPs of your products for each segment.


Visual proof

Seeing is believing. You need to visualise your product and especially the details that stand out. And don't let obstacles like size, installation complexity or hidden functions stand in your way.

Show off with CGI and maybe even make use of an interactive product presentation to get around, look inside, display functions or whatever makes the USPs visual.




Out of the box and into the brain

Be brave.

A power point presentation can be very informative. A well-designed wall sheet might be explanatory. A colourful exhibition stand may draw some attention. However, it simply will not imprint an impression on your customer's cerebral cortex.

Do something new, extraordinary, exciting, or weird. Whether it's a film with a quirky storyline, a VR or AR presentation that makes people laugh and play around for a while, or it's an interactive touch screen that shows off every detail of your product in a engaging way - or maybe even a combination of all the above? Do it. It will do the trick.


Mission completed

Launching Frese's new product

Frese has developed a 3 in 1 dynamic valve. It is the first of its kind and revolutionising when it comes to controlling water pressure.

Presenting all the benefits and details of this excellent invention is not easy. Luckily, Frese knows the importance of presenting the USPs and delivering visual proof and they are always ready to think outside the box.

Check out what they did


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