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Boens digitalization journey

Learn how Boen went from traditional photography to CGI images, film, interactive configurator, and VR.


To go from traditional photography to 3D images. Make the "correct" decision in the world of 3D visualization - there are many options available.

What we did

CGI images, film, made interactive sales tools with a VR solution and configuration.


First movers, who visualize their products through 3D images, film, and finally configuration, which makes the decision process easier and more fun for the customer.


Company: Boen
Industry: Building constructing
Country: Norway, Scandinavia


Get to know Boen

BOEN sells amazing wooden floors that match a variety of styles. The different floors naturally need to be presented in the best possible way – with VR. BOEN has received a VR solution from Cadesign form, where customers can choose between 80 different images inside the glasses. 

Whether the customers are looking for classical elegance or raw New York style, they get their future floors under their feet with wooden floors for every taste and surroundings for every style in 360 degree photorealism.
Pure-Nordic_Livingroom_ADG833FD Ash Live Pure plank 138 mm_Cam01 Boen by Cadesign form VR_glasses Boen by Cadesign form Boen by Cadesign form

A smooth transition

There is no doubt about the fact that the digital world is evolving every day. Therefore, it can be hard to make the right decisions, when it comes to 3D technology and visualization. But do not worry - this is our field, and this is where our experts will guide you. 

"Going from traditional photography to digital/VR has been a new and insightful process for us here at BOEN. 'Our world' and business is, just like any other business, becoming more digital, where an understanding of the customer journey and consumer behavior is incredibly important.

In this situation, it is crucial to find the right partner. Cadesign understands our processes and demands, and they are not afraid to challenge us in areas outside of our comfort zone."

Finn Roger OpedalMarketing Director at BOEN

BOEN Virtual Floor Finder

A beautiful home with a consistent style that really fits your life and your needs – is the dream for an ever-increasing number of people. But many find that it's not that easy.
Fortunately, there is help. BOEN has made a commitment to make it easier and more fun to find the style that their customers like, and choose the floor that fulfills it.

With Boen Virtual Floor Finder, customers can visualize how a floor style will look in various room types and continuously replace and alter their choices until they find the perfect floor for their home.

It goes without saying that a customizer makes the decision process easier and more fun for the customer. Easy to buy, fun in the process and visual proof that you are making the right decisions, are all key factors for any customer. As a result, they will choose the one who delivers just that over any other. What many do not realize is that it actually also makes it easier for the vendor. Boen has a tool that generates correct orders, keeps track of all product numbers and minimizes incorrect delivery.

It is basically an all-win tool.

Boen by Cadesign form
Boen by Cadesign form
Boen by Cadesign form
Boen by Cadesign form

Interactive sales tool(s)

BOEN did not only get one but two interactive sales tools. As earlier mentioned, we provided BOEN with their own configurator, so the customers can sit at home and play around with the different tools, and lastly make their decision and order with specific help from BOEN. Furthermore, sales in BOEN can take the customers on a virtual tour with VR, which gives an even more bulletproof way to increase sales. 

It is truly a digitalization journey. We have touched on the topic before, but once you have a high-quality 3D model, the step from CGI images to film, configuration and lastly VR is not far.

The last thing we want to present for you, is the 3D film we made in close and great collaboration with BOEN. They have a booth at Europe’s largest trade fair for the construction industry, and therefore know that it is all about making an impression. The Norwegian company BOEN ensured its success at the BAU trade fair in 2017 by getting a video, which used amazing storytelling to introduce BOEN as a brand and even introduced the new mascot! See it for yourself right underneath. 
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