Novenco creates a feel-good brand connection

Learn how we create the storyboard behind a feel-good film. 

CHALLENGES Promote their new and environmentally friendly straight airflow ZerAx® fans at a trade fair

Brainstorm storyboard, storytelling into 3D film


Bring forth a message in an elegant manner. Less cost than real time photography. 



Company: Novenco

Industry: Building & Industry

Country: Denmark, Scandinavia


Simplifying the complex with storytelling

Novenco came to us with a need. They wanted to promote their new and environmentally friendly straight airflow ZerAx® fans at a trade fair. Luckily, they were very open to ideas on how to use storytelling as a simplifying element. 

We listened. We brainstormed. We found the perfect little storyteller:

A fly. 

Attract great attention

Return on investment

Novenco is a pioneer when it comes to environmental consideration in the design and manufacturing of ventilation equipment and fans. Their resource-friendly products reflect their dedication to long life spans and environmentally safe production processes.


Why the fly?

Why the fly? Well, we needed an object that was sensitive towards airstream to illustrate the genius of the new product.

Making it a living object is always a good way to make the story relatable and make the USPs of the product almost sensuous. 

When our feelings are activated, we are much more likely to remember, what we have experienced. And if it's a good feeling like amusement it causes a chain reaction, where we unconsciously link the good feeling to the brand, thus making us more inclined to buy something from that brand. 

Airflow matters

NOVENCO Building & Industry’s efficient and reliable products and systems for ventilation are part of industrial, commercial, public and residential buildings all over the world.

Visit them here:

See the short film on how we work with storytelling and what effect it has.


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