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The ultimate sales tool

Some things just need to be experienced. With Virtual Reality (VR) you create your own world, just the way you want it to be and bring it to your customer. As soon as they put on the headset, the real world is left for a moment and they enter a new world - your world. 

When choosing to adopt VR in your marketing strategy, you get a unique opportunity to show your customers what your brand and product is about without any distractions. 

Why VR and not regular video?

VR video is a good option in many cases - people for example love the fact that you take the interaction you get from VR and place yourself in the middle of it - somehow, it resembles the real world because life is passing in front of your eyes and you choose what to look at. When making a VR video, you simply get the best of both worlds - video and VR. Talk to one of our representatives today to find out whether a VR video is a good match for your needs. 

We have all the experience needed

With 25+ years in the 3D business, we have tried quite a few technologies over the years. With carefully chosen technologies and areas of expertise, we have VR experts in house and an entire department solely dedicated to film production, ready to help your next VR video become a success. 

Got any questions?

We're ready to answer your questions and can help uncover whether VR film is what you're looking for 


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The benefits of VR film

It may be hard to figure out what type of VR you should go for with different types of engaging options such as regular VR, real-time VR, and VR video. We are advocates of all three types, but will tell you some of the benefits of VR films:

  • They provide context. VR films can show how things change over time. For instance how the lighting in a building varies from early morning to late evening. 
  • Can illustrate an atmosphere with sounds, moving people etc. compared to the regular VR experience, where the environment is not as dynamic as a video. 

Get the full experience

When LINAK launched their Washable DURA, they threw paint at a white shirt to illustrate how it could be cleaned again and again. To give others an idea of what it looked like from the actor's perspective, they made an engaging VR video, where you can try being in the actor's shoes when paint is thrown your way. 
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