KBIS 2023: Kitchen & Bath Portfolio

Be inspired by some of our best work for some of the leading Kitchen & Bath manufacturers across the world.

Kitchen: Lifestyle Images

Cadesign form is a visual communications agency that develops, designs, and produces marketing material for businesses with extensive product ranges. We create photorealistic 3D visualizations by creating a bespoke location or using an existing location from our Location Library. Enjoy our references.


Kitchen: Knobs & Handles

This farmhouse is a combination of rustic and modern. The floors, high ceiling, and large windows add a modern touch to the original beams. The location includes small rooms that can be used if you wish for a more subtle look. From all windows, there’s a nice view of the courtyard.

Bath: Taps & Sinks

The Norwegian inspired cabin has charming wooden logs, traditional windows, and a few other local and traditional details, to bring you a location where you can display your brand in the coziness of cabin life.

Location 12 - Converted barn

This traditional farm building has been converted into a minimalist modern home with exposed beams and concrete floors. Notice the interesting architectural features, authentic materials, and abundance of light.

Location 13 - My first apartment

This location is called “My first apartment”. That’s because our colleague Finn, who created this location, actually modeled it on his own childhood home. You’ll notice it has a really exclusive feel to it, with traditional mouldings and a beautiful bay window. With its soft light and spacious layout, it’s a very versatile location that can be used for pretty much any type of interior image. 

Location 14 - Architectural backdrop

A series of three architectural backdrops designed to showcase your products in style. Products spring to life in this environment, animated by golden sunlight and museum-like architecture.

Location 15 - Villa de Provence

Prepare to let your mind wander! With stone floors, plastered walls, wooden beams, and a nice view of the olive trees outside, this location is your digital version of a renovated house in the south of France.

Location 16 - My outdoor sanctuary

My outdoor sanctuary is a versatile exterior scene, perfect for showing any product that goes outside, whether it be outdoor lights, awnings, furniture, tiles, roofs, or the like. The architecture of the house is Scandinavian and made from materials that are true to the surroundings, making the house one with nature with plenty of wood and large windows reflecting the trees in the forest. 


Location 17 - Contemporary backdrop

This minimalist architectural design will enhance the visual impact of your product, framed by the clean lines, soft color palette, contemporary features, and a sophisticated vibe. A space designed to make your product the center of attention. 

Location 18 - Modern office

Not everyone gets to have a modern office with panoramic views of the skyline. But now, your next digital photoshoot can take place in these impressive surroundings. Its industrial look is softened by the warmth of the wood, making for a beautiful setting for your product.

Location 19 - Converted warehouse

This airy space is designed to be an office that will spark creativity with charming wooden beams and plenty of natural light. But since it's built in 3D, you're not limited in terms of its functions and you can set up walls, add styling elements, and get close-up shots to make it look like a home if you're a B2C brand. The opportunities are endless. 

Location 20 - 70s backdrop

This location has three different backdrops in a 70s-inspired scene. The rooms have a warm atmosphere with wood wall panels and terracotta floor tiles. The windows allow sunlight to stream into the rooms, creating high-contrast lighting with the sun shining on your product. Use this location to match your product’s aesthetic or make the retro look the counterpart to your modern product.

Location 21 – The Octagon

With its octagon shape, open doors, and skylight, this location has a museum-like feel to it. This is your chance to have a photoshoot in a public building!

Location 22 - Dreamy Textures

This location is all about engaging the senses through different types of textures. 
Materials like stone and steel are nicely combined with soft shapes and sheer curtains. The result is an interesting backdrop to your product images. 

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