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360° Product Models

Everything starts with a 3D model

Creating a 360° view of your product starts with a 3D model, like everything else in a virtual world. Depending on what you need to use your 3D model for, we can create either a high-end model or a low poly model. Where high-end models allow you to get photorealistic marketing materials, low poly models enable your customers to get interactive experiences with your products. 

With 25+ years of experience, we're able to give you the models you need right now. And we can also help predict what you will need in the future to make sure you choose the right fit for you now that will benefit you in years to come.

What is a product model then?

When we create a 3D model, we prefer to do it in the highest quality. With a high-end model, you have all options available to you and can base your strategy on the initial model. 

Photorealistic images are our expertise and it is easier to go from high to low quality than the other way around in case you want to use your 3D model for other materials.


Give your customers all the information they need

When exploring your product in a 360° view, your customers can simply click on the specific points in the model and get the technical information you want them to know. Without having to contact your support. This can streamline their shopping experience and reduce friction.

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