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Invite your customers to interact with your products

Everything you need for promotion. Cadesign form's innovative sales tools visualize your product range and invite customers to interact and learn more. This will also automatize the sales process and improve your bottom line. Do you need the perfect solution for visualizing your brand? Digital Showroom is the right choice!

Meet your customers where they are

Show customers your product where they want to see it and whenever they want to see it – a digital showroom is open 24 hours a day. This way, you offer something extraordinary that will make you stand out from competitors.

What is a digital showroom?

Similar to walking into a physical showroom, your products are placed in a setting where they can be viewed side by side. You can either get it in 3D or we can photograph and digitalize your physical showroom. 

Reduce time to market and start tracking your numbers

Reduce the time to market drastically and apply changes easily. The newest technologies to make it possible to work smarter than ever before.

Start your journey with us

Keep reading or reach out to one of our experts to learn more about how you can get started using digital and virtual showrooms in your sales process. 

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We love interactive sales tools - your customers probably do too

When your customers enter your store, they do so to visualize your products - in their homes. We humans often have difficulties making a decision if we can't see the exact color or texture of the product we're considering to buy.

Invite your customers into a digital showroom that lets your customers combine all our products regardless of color, texture, size or features.

Sales Tools

A pocket sales converter

We have made it our business to dress your sales team for success through interactive sales tools because we see the sales numbers go up every single time one of our customers includes an interactive supplement to their sales pitch.

Digital Showroom Solutions

A cost-effective & future proof choice

Maybe your extensive range of very differentiated products or services is difficult to present and you need a more comprehensible and interactive product universe to present your products?

Or maybe you want to give your customers the chance to interact and visualize your product to decrease the sales cycle?

Either way, a digital showroom is a cost-effective and future-proof choice.


Sales Tools

To be remembered, or not to be remembered

To be remembered, or not to be remembered – that is the question. When it comes down to it, it is the ones who stood out from the rest that bring home the orders at every trade fair, showroom setup, sales meeting and instore visit. Being top of mind has become an essential part of every sales situation as the aggregate supply is ever increasing, the advertising methods are getting more clever and sly, and the means of product search is evolving by the second. 

It doesn’t have to be the Rolls Royce of product presentation as long as it’s engaging and leaves your customer with more than he expected.  


What is a digital showroom? A digital showroom is a virtually created space that digitally showcases your product range in inspiring environments and situations. This also lets you meet your customers online and invite them to interact and learn more about your product range.
What are the advantages of digital showrooms? The key advantages of digital showrooms include: 1- Let your customers seamlessly visualize various editions of your product range in a showroom setup. 2- Let your customers engage and interact with your product range from anywhere. 3- Automate the sales process and drive up your bottom line. 4- Create limitless environments to show off every color, texture, size, or feature unhinged by limitations to physical store space.
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