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The way products are being launched is changing

It’s pretty safe to say that there isn’t one single business that launches a new product with the intention of seeing it fail. But in fact, the majority of product launches fail to meet sales expectations, or, even worse, are completely rejected by the market. Wouldn’t you like to know what you can do to minimize the risk of a failed product launch and ensure success?

We're covering:

  • Challenges product and marketing managers are facing today
  • Internal communication for product launch
  • How you create a coherent product launch strategy
  • How the pandemic and digitalization affect the product launches of tomorrow

Download slides with key take aways

We've collected some of the key points from the Live Talk in a short slide deck, including links to a Cadesign form case story and ideas for which technologies that can help you build better customer experiences.

Download key take aways

Watch the recorded Live Talk

Watch the Live Talk here where we discuss the future of product launches. Hear from our expert panel, Jesse and Rune, who both provide unique perspective on product launches, their pitfalls and the way digitalization could ease them. 

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