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Visualize your products with film and 3D animations to communicate your message across platforms. 

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Videos, together with other digital marketing strategies, better provide consumers today with what they want — more engagement and a positive experience from the companies they choose to do business with. Today, engagement is more important than the price of a product or service, and through videos, brands can engage with their customer base in a way that improves brand recognition and online visibility.

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Top business videos

Get inspired for your next corporate branding video or video for your social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Or maybe you want to take your product visualization to the next level with a professional product video or commercial. Below you see examples of videos that our customers use in their digital marketing efforts that show why video marketing is so powerful. 

Showreel - Cadesign

Together with other digital marketing strategies, we provide today's consumers with what they want: more and better experiences.

Dali - Commercial

We created this commercial for Dali, Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries, which introduces the Phantom M-250.

Steinway - Commercial

In more than 160 years, Steinway & Sons have produced the finest pianos in the world. This video portrays the dedication and commitment to quality.

Kvik - Commercial

We created this commercial for Kvik that shows the beautiful details and features a Kvik kitchen consists of. Especially, the focus is that the kitchen can be styled exactly as the customer wishes.

Boen - Commercial

We produced this commercial for Boen that sell high-quality wooden floor which also works in relation to the Nordic climate. 

BWT - Commercial

We had the pleasure of producing this commercial for BWT that focuses on the advantages of their full automatic osmosis system.

Danfoss - Commercial

When a company like Danfoss sets about introducing a new, technically advanced product, the aim is to present it as simply as possible, whilst also wowing the audience. How then, does the marketing manager manage both challenges? They tell a story. Stories capture people's imagination and illustrate and inspire in a completely fresh way – one that the bare facts simply can't deliver.

Linak - Commercial

We have had the pleasure of producing this commercial for Linak that presents their IPx6 Washable DURA for adjustable hospital equipment.

Cibes Lift Group - Commercial

We created this commercial for Cibes that shows how their product, Cibes EcoSilent, can be an integrated part of our lives.

Geberit - Assembly animation

We have made this assembly film for Geberit, which quickly and simply presents how to install a toilet.

Rockfon - Assembly animation

We produced this assembly film for Rockfon that shows how their product Rockfon Mono Acoustic is installed.

Egernsund Wienerberger - Assembly animation

“You are in good hands with Cadesign – they are innovative, visionary, friendly, solution-oriented and an amazing sounding board. You are definitely a front-runner if you choose them! I would not be without them.” Mia Thøisen, Egernsund Wienerberger.

Siemens - Assembly animation

We produced this assembly film for Siemens, which shows how easy and simple you can install Siemens’ water heaters.

Magnet - Assembly animation

We have had the pleasure of producing this assembly film for Magnet, which explains how their kitchen cupboards are assembled. 

BoConcept - Commercial

We have had the pleasure of producing this commercial for BoConcept related to a sale.

Bosch - Commercial

We have had the pleasure of creating this commercial for Bosch that portrays the new i-DOS washing machine and its smart features.

GEA - Commercial

We produced this commercial for GEA that focuses on how the company contributes to a more sustainable future.

HTX - Commercial

In winter 2014, we had the pleasure of creating this commercial for the HTX study program at AATG in Aalborg. All environments and elements in the film are computer-generated.

Mobile Industry Robots - Commercial

We are proud to have produced this 3D visualized animation film for Mobile Industrial Robots A/S, which shows the world of opportunities the MiR robots offer.

OnRobot - Product film

An animated film about OnRobot's VGC10 gripper.

Schur - Corporate film

An animated film for Schur Star Systems.

Danfoss - Corporate film

We have had the pleasure of producing this film for Danfoss. The film shows how Danfoss products have contributed to the Danish hotel Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers being one of the most sustainable hotels.

Rohde Nielsen - Corporate film

We have created this film for Rohde Nielsen, which presents the story of the company, its vision, its mission, and key competencies.

Cadesign form - Corporate film

Our own corporate video is just one of many films we have produced in the last 25 years. Just a detail.

CKL Software- Corporate film

A corporate film about CKL Software that is a global supplier of software solutions to Dynamics NAV.

Feldhaus - Corporate film

With this corporate video about Feldhaus, the viewer learns that Feldhaus work with bricks, we see that they’re a company of substantial size and impact, we meet the employees and get a hint of their global scale business.

Sjølund - Corporate film

We have produced this 3D film about Sjølund’s product and services within the area of curved aluminum and steel profiles for buildings and facades.

CA30 - Product film

In this film, the CA30 by Linak is presented and so are the advantages of this product.

Geberit - Product film

We have had the pleasure of producing this product film for Geberit. In this film, their tap system is introduced.

Danfoss - Product film

We have produced this product film for Danfoss. In the film, their Vacon NXP liquid cooler and its characteristics are presented.

Fomaco - Product film

Fomaco is a company that delivers injector machines for the food industry around the world. In this film, one of Fomaco’s products is presented.

Talgø - Product film

Talgø is a Norwegian supplier of wooden products in MøreRoyal to the industry for building materials and the project market. This film explains the benefits of choosing MøreRoyal.

Grimsholm - Product film

Grimsholm Green is a company that delivers accessories for robotic lawnmowers etc. In this film, they present their signal cables for robotic lawnmowers.

Hummel - Product film

We have had the pleasure of producing 3 spots about the new Hummel Aerocharge 2.0 shoe for use on social media platforms and in stores around the world.

MiR - Product film

In this film that we created for MiR, we explain the features and benefits of the MiR500.

Nordlux - Product film

We have had the pleasure of producing this film for Nordlux that introduces their new Smart Light concept.

Pieter Mouritsen - Product film

3D visualization for Pieter Mouritsen A/S that presents the new PM2100 diesel compressor. In addition, we delivered an e-learning film and 360-degree 3D site for education in relation to the use of the compressor.

Novenco - Commercials

Check out this commercial film we did for Novenco. They wanted to showcase their products, energy-friendly ventilation systems, and fans, in a creative and comprehensible manner. We listened to their desires, brainstormed, and finally came up with the idea of implementing storytelling and creating the perfect narrator for the purpose, namely a fly. 

Raptor Services - Explainer video

In this animation film that we have produced for Raptor Services, we get insights into how companies can boost their sales with the Raptor Smart Advisor.

Continia - Explainer video

We created this animation film for Continia that explains how easy it is to get started with scanning appendices and much more – directly in Dynamics NAV.

Royal Unibrew - Explainer video

In 2014, Royal Unibrew and PepsiCo were nominated to the price “Bottle of the Year”. We were asked to create this film, which offers insights into the history of Royal Unibrew and PepsiCo’s partnership in Denmark. The film was produced for Oscar Film and Montdor.

Schur - Explainer Video

We created this animation film for Schur Star Systems, which show one of the world’s most flexible packaging solutions.

Schur - Corporate film

In this film, we look at the innovative and environmentally-friendly packaging solutions of Schur®Star Systems.

OnRobot - Product film

OnRobot has a full selection within the field of plug-and-produce end-of-arm tools (EoAT) for collaborative applications. In this film, OnRobot Sander and its characteristics are introduced.

OnRobot - Corporate film

We produced this 3D animation film for OnRobot, where we learn about their simple and innovative concept.

markilux - Commercial

We have created this commercial for markilux that shows how you can style and adjust different awnings yourself.

Vejle Kommune - Corporate film

We have had the pleasure of creating this film for Vejle Municipality that presents a whole new quarter in Vejle Municipality, Ny Rosborg.


In this film, GoodHome presents their storage solutions and how you can adjust them to your home and personal wishes.

ALSO - Explainer Video

We created this animation film about the GDPR rules that came into force in 2018. We have focused on the fact that it should be easy for the audience to understand what GDPR is – and how ALSO’s distributors can help.

UR16e - Product film

We created this 3D animation for Universal Robots, which presents the new UR16e.

Stevanato Group - Product film

We have produced this 3D animated film for Stevanato Group that focuses on their new Track & Trace concept for the medical industry.

DSI - Product film

In this film, we introduce the DSI all-in-one plate freezing solution and all the advantages connected to this product.

Küppersbusch - Product film

At Küppersbusch Hausgerate, quality means to invest in sustainability that is understandable: materials in high quality, flawless execution, the greatest customer service, reliability and long life span. Therefore, they needed a product film that not only showed their high quality and expertise but also was simple and available to everyone.


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