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How to get started with CGI

We’ve seen it before, and we’re seeing it again these days. Large brands pausing their marketing budgets in uncertain times – and it is of course tempting to do so when your customers aren’t making any purchases. It is however a wrong decision for most businesses.

Cadesign has been around for more than two decades, and we’ve helped large brands through treacherous waters before - and of course our compass is digital. If you digitize your content, you’ll get an extremely flexible output – for a fraction of the resources spent. Financial and environmental.

We'll cover:

  • Introduction to the world of digital content
  • How you can get started
  • How CGI can help you achieve your goals
  • Client cases - what advantages they have achieved

Watch the recorded Live Talk

Watch the Live Talk here where we give you an introduction to the world of CGI. Hear from our speakers Jesse and Hannah and become inspired from other companies. 

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Here, you can read a short recap of the questions and answers from the Q&A

Do you have experience with CGI for industrial products in industrial environments? Absolutely! We work with clients like Danfoss and Grundfos and several robotic companies as well. We have helped them illustrate anything from products to industrial processes. 
Do you do architecture CGI - visualize architecture and buildings etc.? We do a lot of that - we even have a separate division working exclusively with property development and architecture called Dimension Design
How do we incorporate people in CGI?

We are getting quite good at modeling body parts and have an extensive library with e.g. hands. We don't think the technology is quite there yet when it comes to modeling a full human being. We may do live action photography of humans and insert them into a CGI scene. 

Can you use locations from Location Library for video as well? Yes! We regularly do that! Once the scene is set up, it's quite easy for us to make a video. 
How can I maximize my output from CGI compared to traditional photography?

One way is to incorporate a reuse and recycle mentality - we can help you increase ROI by reusing your content and creating new materials. 

Another way is to take advantage of the synergies of CGI. It's fairly easy to move from images to videos to product configurators etc., which can save you time and money. 

If you were to advise a company how to get started, where should you start?

There are different ways of getting started - some dip their toes in first and others go all in, where we help them create a roadmap for how they can get an ongoing flow of campaign materials. It's up to you and how you prefer to work. 

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