Digitalization and sustainability go hand in hand

Do you realize how much more sustainable the 3D solutions are in comparison to real photoshoots?
These are facts

Keep your customers loyal

It’s time we realize how much more sustainable the 3D solutions are in comparison to real photoshoots:

  • 88% of consumers want the brands to help them make a difference and sustainable choice
  • 96% of people feel their own actions, such as buying ethically, can make a difference
  • 46% of people have climate and environment in first place on the list of most important political and social issues.

Recycling locations and reusing models

When we create images that seem to happen on the other side of the world, we save on people, props, and flight tickets. Our work is done via computers powered by 100-percent-certified green energy from the wind farms. Now, it’s time our customers start to care. Why? Because their customers are caring.

By recycling locations, reusing models, and reshaping scenes, we are saving tons of pollution, especially in the form of CO2 emissions. To find out how much, we calculated the number of emissions one of our clients produces during one photoshoot and how much we produce during a year.

Together with our clients, we make a difference

The 3D solution can save up to 99% of your emissions spent on photoshoots, and the world is definitely watching.

Here's an example:

  • One of our biggest clients on a normal product shooting uses an estimated
    4.8t CO2.
  • Cadesign 3D delivering similar shots at a lower price with a shorter lead time 0.05t CO2.
  • The 3D solution is 99% less polluting.

Visual communication is changing

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