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Don't compromise with your professionalism

Think back to that feeling; you just bought a nice product, you bring it home, you start installing – but it simply won’t install as it is supposed to, and the paper assembly instruction that followed doesn’t help you. This is one thing of many, that often needs visualization. We visualize assemblies in a way that is easy to understand, without compromising with professionalism.

Customer safety

The art of creating assembly films is all about making your customers feel safe. Whether your audience consists of hardcore craftsmen or economists, we will make them feel safe installing your products. 

Assembly instructions reduce user claims and support calls, especially when they are informative,  intuitive, and harmonious.

Creative and critical counselling

No matter the task, we always aim for a high level of quality. Our specialists with a lot of different backgrounds, always strive to make this happen.

We are always here to help, to solve your challenge. In cooperation with you, we will offer our counselling so that you end up with a nice and interesting assembly film.

Global language

A film like this, speaks no language, which means that it can be implemented and understood on a global level. A picture tells more than a thousand words - an assembly film surely explains it all.

Missing a screw?

Opposite of a ‘real life’ film, forgetting about one little screw won’t mean creating the film all over again. The same goes for product updates. Once we have a film, we can easily go back and edit.

Not entirely convinced yet? Let the films speak for themselves.


Informative and cost-effective

Assembly, installation, manuals, mountings, and e-learning are words with inbuilt frustration and boredom for many do-it-yourself-assembling men and women around the globe.

If only there was an easier and more comprehensible way to assemble or install your newly purchased dream products into your home… well… actually there is.


Captivating and informative

Skip the heavy and confusing text manuals that are translated into a hundred versions, printed for millions of hard earned money and become outdated overnight. Instead, transform your digital product model into a captivating and informative installation or assembly animation that will leave your customers with the best possible point of departure for assembling your products without any complications or mistakes.

Or maybe you spend a lot of resources on introduction training for new employees? How about presenting them with bullet-proof comprehensible e-learning videos they can watch over and over again until they know them by heart?

Video is far easier to decode than any manual you can come up with and with digitalized products you are already half way there.


Added value

For over a decade, we have helped our client Geberit look visually good and perform their best. We are proud of having contributed to their clean and sophisticated look, but we are even prouder of the value we bring to the organization through the many assembly films, we have made over the years. It is now a documented fact that the thorough assembly guides help reduce incorrect installations and errors in fittings. In turn, the assembly time is shortened, the installation price lowered, and the customer satisfaction heightened.



Every customer is unique, which is why we don’t work with standard pricelists in specific. All prices are based on an individual case, depending on the scope.

When pricing an assembly film, preliminary factors are; product complexity (physical size and degree of detail), number of steps and degree of detail in every individual step, the use of tools/machines and human hands.

The following titles are standard titles in our storyboards, which pricing will be furtherly based on.

  • Story/plot
  • Audience
  • Media (platform)
  • Environment
  • Music
  • Assembly
  • Degree of detail
  • Length

Further possibilities

Do you want to benefit from major synergies within digital transformation?

Once you’ve started 3D-digitalizing lots of possibilities are just around the corner. Or actually within the four walls of Cadesign form. As a full-service visual communication agency, we help our customers convert their CGI Interior Images into:

  • SoMe stills and film
  • Product configuration (images & online)
  • Augmented Reality solution
  • Virtual Reality 360°solution
  • Assembly animations (film)
  • Product film and 360° films


What types of businesses can benefit from animation films? Animation films are ideal for showcasing, explaining, or instructing on the use and assembly of a complex product. This can help your customers feel safe when installing or using your products. Informative, intuitive, and harmonious assembly film animations can also reduce user claims and support calls.
How do I prepare before making an animation film? To prepare before making an assembly animation film, you will need to address the common challenges that occur in assembly or how-to-use instructions etc. Take advantage of previous customer feedback and service calls to help address the main pain points of your assembly and instruction manuals. Furthermore, you will also need to fully know and understand your target audience to communicate on their terms in the assembly animation film. The next step is to prepare a storyboard to make sure no important point or instruction in the animation film gets left out. Then it is time to finalize the story, concept, and visuals before making the film itself.
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