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Join the 500+ companies across Europe who have discarded the traditional photo and film in favor of CGI. By breaking down the business standards for traditional image and film production, you get a new, innovative and creative playground for the creation of marketing visuals.
Together with Cadesign form you can become part of the CGI digital revolution – creating the solutions of tomorrow. Digitalization is more than just skipping the photographer. It’s a new way of thinking, as well as working, that is far more dynamic, unlimited, and cost-effective.

Benefits of 3D visualization

119318_TMK_Svane_Scene_02_cam_02 Endless possibilities Create a million variations of the same product, change, reuse and criss-cross elements as you please.
1AS9AC~A Shorten time to market Leverage the power of digital 3D models and market your new kitchen models, designs, and features sooner in the process than ever before – maybe right off the drawing board.
P1MIHX~L Absolute photo-realism ... the reality you want – kids playing, steaming hot coffee, winter or summer, day or night. No one can tell the difference.
PRIMARY__114051-Hatlehols-AS---Still-bad-for-Linn-Bad---NO-Hatlehols-AS---Bad-sti   Trim your budget Shortening time to market combined with the many reuse and alteration options result in a way more cost-effective process and overall expense.


We've collected some of our customers' best 3D images. You'll find kitchen and bathroom furniture images that our customers use for their online shop, social media and marketing material.

3D kitchen and bath design images

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Visual communication has changed

Find out what you need to consider when transforming your visuals into a world of endless possibilities with 3D technology.

3D film example - Kitchen

According to the American multinational technology company, Cisco, 80 % of the world's internet traffic was film. Read more about the study here.

Cadesign form offers a complete animation production line; from concept development and storyboarding, to final broadcast-grade post production.

3D Film Example - Bathroom

Whether you’re on the lookout for a sparkling commercial, an infotaining short, an impressive corporate presentation or something as brilliant as an assembly video, the important thing is that you think video in everything you do.


Let your customers make the choices

Make the customer his own sales assistant with a virtual showroom where the customer can see exactly how your products will look if a color or material is changed. 

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Some of our Kitchen & Bath Clients


Are 3D visualizations right for you?


3D visualizations are widely used by today's modern marketing managers who are responsible for ROI in product heavy international companies.

Big brands focus on ROI. It's as simple as that. 


The use and implementation of 3D images, films and interactive solutions definitely require a certain amount of digital transformation. 

Not to worry. We will help you.


Our customers use their 3D visualization in a variety of ways with great success. E-commerce shops, social media, websites and printed marketing materials. 

Start implementing today and improve the time-to-market.

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Visual communication is changing

Start your journey of 3D visualisations with us.