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The most impactful way to tell a story

People love watching moving images. And we love making them. If you love the idea of attracting and keeping the attention of your customers and getting your message across, you should incorporate films into your strategy. You can tell any story you want in a matter of seconds – a strong marketing medium on your website, at sales meetings, at trade fairs, and definitely on social media.

Video marketing is a need to have, not a nice to have

There is absolutely no doubt that video and film have become a big part of social media marketing and are some of the most effective elements in digital marketing. According to, it is no longer a nice option in your marketing strategy – it is simply a necessity if you want to increase conversion rates and exposure.

Work smarter, not just harder

Cadesign form has all the knowledge and competencies required to help you through the process successfully and we have years of experience being a top CGI agency. Within the four walls of Cadesign form, we have experts in 3D stills, film, animation, interactive sales tools etc. 

Increase engagement and Return on Investment

With films, you will manage to sell the dream to your customers within seconds. We are experts in making short films that attract attention, are to the point, and that bring your goals to life.

With 3D technology, you are ensured a cost effective and efficient process. We value a consistent dialogue between you and your personal team of 3D experts and project managers, so you feel safe and included throughout the process. 

Transform your images

We simply use the already employed 3D images and make them come even more to life by giving them a small transformation by illustrating them in a short film that can be used as content on Social Media.

This example of product digitalization is very suitable for social media platforms because the films are often quite short, they are visually appealing, and they are created with complete photorealism so your customers will be convinced by its effect.


Let your products speak for themselves - use video

On social media, people tend to scroll through without really noticing the content. Therefore, we emphasize how important it is to draw attention to your content. But not just any attention, it needs to be the right one. See it for yourself in some of the many Social Media films we have made through the years.

Part of the strategy

Take your social media marketing up a notch

Take your target group on a journey and provide them with creative brand stories through films and images. At their time. And their pace.

We can help your Social Media strategy come to life with short films that take consumers on a guided tour through your scene and introduce them to your product in a visually captivating manner.

All we need is an understanding of your goal with the film and your product visualized in 3D. Don't worry, if you don't have a 3D model, we will make it. We usually do this while creating the stills in the beginning of the process.

Other than that, you can just sit back and relax until your new film drops into your inbox, ready to be promoted on your social media channels.

We provide the styling, settings, lighting - all those elements that are sometimes hard to figure out. Remember, we are experts in this area - and with your help, we will create magic.


Svane - three stills made into a video for social media

We created this SoMe film for Svane based on just three 3D stills.

From a business point of view, it’s a clever addition to the 3D images since you already have the foundation and simply buy in an enhancement of these very images. Another element that will enhance the presentation in itself is if you choose to add some appealing background music, which will create an even greater holistic experience.
See it for yourself right here. 


Want more?

Once you’ve started 3D digitalizing, lots of possibilities are just around the corner. Or actually within the four walls of Cadesign form. As a full-service CGI & visual communication agency, we help our customers boost their digitalization with:


Industry specific examples

Go to our industry specific pages where we've collected all the best images, films, and product configuration examples from five different industries: Furniture, Kitchen & Bath, Home Improvement, Industry & Manufacturing, and Prefabricated Houses.

Visual communication is changing

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