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We help marketing managers and product owners effectively deliver world-class visual communication through 3D images, film, and interactive sales tools.

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We are an experienced CGI Agency specialized in 3D visualization solutions and rendering. We create hyper-realistic images, illustrations, film and much more. We live and breathe creativity and technology that help us deliver world-class 3D, VR, AR, and interactive experiences. Hover over each category to see the individual services.

Your strategic partner in product visualization

Cadesign form is your strategic and creative partner in visual communications. We're your stylist, art director, and techie all rolled into one.

We drive content digital transformation for businesses with extensive product ranges by harnessing the power of CGI technology.

Get specialized advice, swift execution, automatic workflows, ultimate creative freedom, and the opportunity to reimagine and reuse your content as needed. Embrace an automatic and scalable setup with CGI visualizations that transcend traditional packshots. 

Our diverse team of designers, art directors, filmmakers, storytellers, developers, and engineers seamlessly merges precision with styling finesse. Our photorealistic product photos and videos don't just showcase your products – they tell stories, evoke emotions, and captivate audiences.

Join us at Cadesign form, where creativity knows no bounds.


3D Visualizations

Since 1994, we have continuously pushed the boundaries of 3D and CGI, both in terms of photorealistic quality and targeted styling.

CGI provides you with endless possibilities, lightning-fast delivery, resource-saving execution, creative freedom and the chance to alter and reuse any image or film as you see fit.

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Product Configuration

Our product configurator solutions enable you to add a revenue stream to your business by easily providing personalized and customized products to your customers, elevating your customer experience and ultimately online sales.

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Store data in one place

Product Digitalization

If you're a product manager, you know the pain of streamlining product data across the organization.

Ensure your internal processes are streamlined by developing a product data strategy today.

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You ask, we answer

We want to simplify your life. In the following, you see answers to some questions that might arise. 

Why 3D visualizations?

If you have time constraints, want to limit your CO2 footprint or simply need to display your product in every thinkable combination of colors, texture and layer of how the product is engineered, 3D visualization is a good choice.

Countless hours of work were invested in the processes and we've developed a library of items that you can choose from to style the settings you want to display your product in. 

You save yourself a ton of time, headaches, and money, when you don't have to ship your products to Bali to replicate a beach sunset environment. 

How do I get started?

Once, you've decided that 3D is the right solution to market your products, we recommend that you browse our website and service pages. You can get the first overview of 3D Visualization right here.

After that, we highly recommend that you get in touch with one of our specialists who will explain the process of how we work.

Is Cadesign form the right fit for me?

Our services are best suited to companies that are looking to make dramatic improvements to their visual communication and the ROI it drives.

We find that our clients achieve their goals faster and with higher ROI when we work together on multiple touch points.

What is the return on my investment?

Once you see how your 3D visualizations can be reused and are suited for cross-channel promotions, you really see the great effects of using 3D. 

Any environment can be replicated such that you don't need to ship your products off to photo shoots. You save time, money, and a lot of headaches. 

And once your first batch of materials made in 3D arrives at your desk, we can make any edits in the future based on your previous materials. 

Visual communication is changing. Start your digital transformation journey with us.

How do I get support?

If you get stuck in your internal processes or need to make changes to a setting, the lighting, order additional images, films, or product configurators - your project manager is ready to help you.

One point of contact. 

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What our experts say

Our experts include 3D animators, stylists, art directors, CGI graphic artists, marketing consultants, and strategists. Learn from their experiences by visiting our blog.


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Visual communication is changing

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