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Furniture portfolio

A collection of images, film, animation, and tools to help you succeed with CGI in your furniture business.

Kitchen and bath portfolio

Kitchen & bath
Learn how industry leaders in the kitchen, bath, and bedroom industry use CGI to grow their business and brand recognition.
Industrial portfolio
Are you struggling to show complex or hidden parts of your product? With CGI we can visualize your product part by part and from all angles.

Home improvement portfolio

Home improvement
An inexpensive, quick and easy way to build your brand with beautiful high-quality images, film and configurators.
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Fritz Hansen case story Cadesign form

Featured furniture case story
As the high-end lifestyle brand that Fritz Hansen is, it was a challenge to find a  professional partner who understands their needs while delivering quality materials on time.

AUBO kitchen case story Cadesign form

Kitchen & bath case story
Being a kitchen, bath, and wardrobe manufacturer, AUBO doesn't just sell products - they sell a certain lifestyle, which must be present in all their marketing material.

GEA case story Cadesign form

Featured industry case story
Discover how one innovative idea ignited a year-round tale of triumph for GEA, a revolutionary leader in sustainable heating and cooling solutions.


Home improvement case story
Providing customers with a product configurator, Keflico created a smooth user experience which resulted in the highest ever engagement rate on their website one week after the launch.
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3D visualization solutions
that make your products
come to life

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With CGI we digitalize your products and enable you to ignite the dreams and aspirations you wish to evoke in your existing and potential clients. This will boost your branding, your ROI and your time to market, and it makes sales conversations much, much easier. We deliver value especially for businesses with extensive product ranges within the segments of Living, Building, Industry, and Retail.

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Using CGI we grow your brand

We live and breathe creativity and technology that help us deliver world-class visual experiences. From 3D visualisations, images, film to product configurators and interactive 3D tools, put your wonderful product in the spotlight with our CGI solutions. 

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Video 2
Configurator 3

Digital transformation of Classic Photo Shoots

Our digital approach to traditional photo shoots delivers a comprehensive package—conceptualization, packshots, interior and exterior images, films, and interactive sales tools with unmatched quality. Achieved in half the usual time, directly from our desks to yours.
We provide tailored advice, swift execution, streamlined workflows, boundless creativity, and the versatility to repurpose your content to fit your evolving needs.
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the process

We’ve transformed traditional photo shoots into a fully digitalized experience. We offer everything from concept development and packshots to lifestyle images, and films, along with interactive sales tools.

We'll give you specialized advice, rapid execution, automatic workflows, maximum creative freedom, and the opportunity to reimagine and reuse your content when needed.

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What our clients say about us

  • Fritz Hansen
  • Aubo
  • BoConcept
  • Dali
Fritz Hansen

Fritz Hansen, a renowned international design brand, sought to showcase their furniture collection globally. Our Location Library subscription service offered customizable pre-made digital locations, enabling Fritz Hansen to consistently create fresh and uniquely styled lifestyle images featuring the location they envision.

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800x571px - Case - Fritz Hansen 01
800x571px - Case - Fritz Hansen 02
800x571px - Case - Fritz Hansen 03
800x571px - Case - Fritz Hansen 04

AUBO, a Danish kitchen, bath, and wardrobe manufacturer, modernized its brand through digitalization. Our Location Library subscription service offered customizable digital locations, resulting in 8 bathrooms and 4 kitchens with various stylings, 4 social media short films, and over 4.7 tons of CO2 emissions saved. Plus, it streamlined planning efforts, allowing AUBO to reuse 3D locations for diverse product shots.

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800x571px - Case - Aubo 01
800x571px - Case - Aubo 02
800x571px - Case - Aubo 03
800x571px - Case - Aubo 04
800x571px - Case - Aubo 05

BoConcept, who has worked with interior design for over 60 years, went from photography to CGI. The same images are used across various channels such as their website and catalog. In addition to stunning lifestyle images, we used our image scripting service to automate the production of hundreds of thousands of product images, drastically lowering the cost per image.

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800x571px - Case - BoConcept 01
800x571px - Case - BoConcept 02
800x571px - Case - BoConcept 03
800x571px - Case - BoConcept 04

“If we want a different picture, the designers can change the angle, change the colors of the furniture and the walls - and then we have a completely different image. If it was photography, we'd have to book new venues, get new furniture, move products around, and so forth.” - Torben Leth-Nissen, Global Head of Marketing - Dali.

DALI produces top-of-the-line speakers for audiophiles around the world. 

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800x571px - Case - DALI 01
800x571px - Case - DALI 02
800x571px - Case - DALI 03
800x571px - Case - DALI 04
800x571px - Case - DALI 05

They all trust us with their brands


You ask, we answer

We want to simplify your life. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we get.

Why 3D visualization

If you have time constraints, want to limit your CO2 footprint or simply need to display your product in every thinkable combination of colors, texture and layer of how the product is engineered, 3D visualization is a good choice.

Countless hours of work were invested in the processes and we've developed a library of items that you can choose from to style the settings you want to display your product in. 

You save yourself a ton of time, headaches, and money, when you don't have to ship your products to Bali to replicate a beach sunset environment. 

What is the return on my investment?

Once you see how your 3D visualizations can be reused and are suited for cross-channel promotions, you really see the great effects of using 3D. 

Any environment can be replicated such that you don't need to ship your products off to photo shoots. You save time, money, and a lot of headaches. 

And once your first batch of materials made in 3D arrives at your desk, we can make any edits in the future based on your previous materials. 

Visual communication is changing. Start your digital transformation journey with us.

How do I get started

Once, you've decided that 3D is the right solution to market your products, we recommend that you browse our website and service pages. You can get the first overview of 3D Visualization right here.

After that, we highly recommend that you get in touch with one of our specialists who will explain the process of how we work.

How do I get support?

If you get stuck in your internal processes or need to make changes to a setting, the lighting, order additional images, films, or product configurators - your project manager is ready to help you.

One point of contact. 

Is Cadesign form the right fit for me?

Our services are best suited to companies that are looking to make dramatic improvements to their visual communication and the ROI it drives.

We find that our clients achieve their goals faster and with higher ROI when we work together on multiple touch points.

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