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Fritz Hansen

Fritz Hansen wanted to showcase their collection of furniture in an international setting. With help of "Location 01 - the Parisian apartment" from our library, the “Home Office” images and much more were born.

As the high-end lifestyle brand that Fritz Hansen is, it was a challenge to find a  professional partner who understands their needs while delivering quality materials on time.
What we did
Based on locations from our Location Library we created beautiful and unique interior images with an international and luxury feel.

Fritz Hansen

Manufacturer of designer furniture



Capturing each piece of furniture's uniqueness in the marketing material

Fritz Hansen is an exclusive international design brand whose collection consists of internationally recognized furniture classics as well as modern furniture, lighting, and home accessories.

They believe that a single piece of furniture can beautify an entire room and strive to design furniture without compromising on comfort. With a vision of creating furniture with a sculptural expression that blurs the line between design and art, it’s essential for them to capture the uniqueness of each piece of furniture in their marketing materials.
For their latest project, Fritz Hansen wanted to showcase their collection of furniture in an international setting. With help of "Location 01 - the Parisian apartment" from our Location Library, the “Home Office” images and much more were born. 

To Fritz Hansen, it is important to create unique images for all their products, and although the location was the same, it could easily be used for another project, by tweaking the styling, angles, and colors. This way, the end materials always have their own unique feel and touch.
11134_Fritz_Hansen_Home Office_Rue Veron 11134_Fritz Hansen_Indutrial_Loft_Cam_Angle 2 11134_Fritz Hansen_Indutrial_Loft_Cam_Angle 1 10924_Fritz_Hansen_French_Apartment_Angle 2 10924_Fritz_Hansen_French_Apartment_Angle 1
Fritz Hansen

Cadesign understood where we wanted to go instantly

"Project Managers were super professional, respectful, and showed us the respect for being a high-end brand and what it requires. With other suppliers, it takes longer to understand who we are, how detailed and cautious we are about our look, the material, and the feel. Cadesign understood where we wanted to go instantly. That was very comforting to me and made it easy to start out quickly."

Louise SvendsenHead of Space Design

Location Library as a platform to cater to international audience

By choosing a ready-made location from the Location Library, Fritz Hansen was able to shorten the lead time on marketing assets and create quality visuals quicker and easier than usual. Instead of transporting furniture and a whole team of stylists and photographers to France, they chose a location styled like a Parisian apartment which completed the picture of the high-end designer brand that Fritz Hansen is.

Locations can be reused for different purposes by changing the mood, products, colours, etc. or by adjusting the styling and overall atmosphere. With a location from the library, one can either be in charge of styling as Fritz Hansen did, use our own stylists or co-create together, the options are limitless.

Fritz Hansen chose "Location 01 - the Parisian apartment". Here are a few examples of how the empty location looks at the beginning of the process.

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FH_before styling
FH_after styling

Parisian quality images with minimal environmental impact

  • 2 sets of completely different materials from the same location
  • Extremely high-quality images suitable for high exposure channels like the front page of the website
  • More than 4,7 tons of CO2 emissions saved
  • Professional and respectful support
  • Images from a “Parisian apartment” without burdening the environment with flying around the world
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