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What you see is what you get

This particular sales statement is the most convincing and reassuring way of presenting your products. Classic communication can highlight your product range and its diversity of options can create interest. But to help you deliver on your initial promises and drive your customers further down the road towards becoming buyers, product configuration tools can accelerate the buyer journey.

Interactive selling

Making the customer boss - and buyer

Give all the power to your customers by introducing seamless and easy-to-use product configuration options that can showcase your customizable solutions and product variants in real-time. With the limitless possibilities of customization, configuration, or interactive product building, your customers can create and visualize their favorite versions of your product offerings. 

Whether your products require complex configuration or your available product variants need to be visualized together in a particular environment, product configuration software solutions offer high flexibility in the tool’s possibilities. Get tailored solutions designed around your business rules and your customers’ demands.  


What is product configuration?

Product configuration is, in all essence, a software tool that can help you to transform key parts of your time-consuming business processes into a more effortless and interactive sales process. Traditional product inquiries transform into seamless, auto-generated visualizations of a complete and specific combination of various components or a product structure that realistically showcases the final product or solution.

You can use product configurators to guide your customers towards narrowing down features and cosmetic design, which ultimately can help accelerate the decision process and confidence in their choice. 


A paradigm of mass customization

Customization is king today. No matter what product you offer and what market you operate on, your customers demand choices. Product configurators can enable mass customization for you and your customers. The systems can be designed to match your business and your customers’ desire to freely pick and display different product versions in real-time regardless of complexity.

Product configuration can benefit both sides of the sales counter. Your customers have fun with your product and your brand, they are reassured and proud of their customized solution, and your sales representatives will spend less time per customer as they all come well-prepared. For you, the end result can be increased sales and faster sales processes with overall less effort.

Product configuration: A win-win solution

How it works

Getting started with product configuration

As you know, technology is evolving. As a result, your buyers today have much higher expectations about how you as a brand communicate and expect a brand they can trust, both visually and verbally. Each of our 3D visualization services is designed to empower you to achieve remarkable results for your company. Our strategic partnership together can help further guide you along the right path to mastering the ever-evolving digital possibilities.


  • Showing your full product range.
  • Getting your products to market in time. 
  • Showing the value of complicated products and solutions.
  • Attracting, retaining, and engaging customers.
  • Turning your leads into customers.
  • Working with the most experienced people in the business.
  • Easy-to-use marketing tool.
  • Photorealistic 3D quality

This service is best suited to companies looking to dramatically improve their visual communication and the ROI it drives. Are you in doubt whether product configurators are relevant for you? Feel free to reach out anytime.


Get in contact today with one of our product configuration experts to learn more about getting started with product configuration and how your potential collaboration with us can look like.

Creating best practices for product configuration

Designing a product configurator requires defining and maintaining configuration rules to create a fully functional design tool that can be more than simply a cool gimmick operating in an isolated silo. Instead, it should become an integrated channel that drives sales and communicates with anything from manufacturing to databases and other central systems.       

With the help of our product configuration experts, our collaborative project will take you through an entire in-depth process from idea to execution to set you up for success with product configuration. Our goal is to provide you with a definitive tool that matches your needs and follows the best configuration processes. Here are some of the best practice offerings that our team of in-house specialists can incorporate into your production configuration solution:   

Entertain and educate 

Entertainment and education are the main keywords for creating successful product configurations. Your customers should stay engaged while using your product configurator and be able to easily access all necessary information about the product when presented with each alternative. 

Offer seamless 360° views 

A realistic 360° showcase of the customized product can offer a complete view from every angle as if the customer were at the store. Therefore, a 360° display can be highly effective in creating a true-to-life reflection of the customized product, which can help further nudge your customers towards a purchase decision.

Switch out or start over 

Your customers are likely looking to explore your various alternatives and will therefore not end up with their preferred visual and feature design first time. Therefore, switching out different colors, materials, or components should be easy and intuitive. 

If a complete do-over is what they want, then your product configurator should be able to quickly reset the configuration process. Your customers may also be interrupted in the customization process or may simply not be ready for purchase. Why not let your customers save their configuration progress to let them easily resume at a later time? 

Stay on track 

Assist your customers by displaying each step in the configuration process to always let them know what stage they are currently on. This feature can also make it easier for your customers to jump back and forth between each step to arrive at a confident and final conclusion of their favorite edition of your product.  

Be transparent 

Are some choices more expensive than others? As your customers try out different combinations of your product, the final pricing may vary. The product configurator can incorporate dynamic pricing of the complete product and each chosen alternative to be fully transparent towards the customer during the entire configuration process. 


What does the configurator tool look like?



A product configurator can look rather different, depending on the type of product you sell and how in-depth the configuration options are. Users can interact with product configurators to compose and customize anything from simple product designs that may showcase a different color or material to more complex products requiring extensive user input in the process.    


Customising ewe

We helped Austrian kitchen manufacturer ewe and its two other brands, FM and INTUO, create three kitchen configuration tools to provide real-time customization options for the customers.

The customizers present a digital showroom that displays the kitchens in different settings and allows users to adjust anything from cabinets and tabletops to wooden floors to visualize their dream kitchen in better detail.

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Our large team, consisting of a unique mix of various in-house experts, all come together to offer a full-service agency for your CGI and visual communication needs. Realize your digital ambitions, and make your products come to life with us as your trusted sidekick. We are here to assist you all the way from idea to implementation with creative technological solutions that match your needs and aspirations. Feel free to reach out for further help and more information about our service offerings.

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When are product configurator solutions relevant for me? Product configuration is suited for any company that wants to revamp its visual communication and drive greater ROI. It can be relevant if you are struggling with properly showcasing your full product, long time-to-market, highlighting the value of complex products plus issues with attracting, engaging, and retaining your potential customers.
How can Cadesign form help me to create a product configurator solution? We are well-experienced in delivering product configuration solutions that help turn your leads into customers You can select between our GoCustom and Bespoke solutions, depending on your needs and wants. For managing and showcasing a large variety of product options, the bespoke solution is ideal, giving you high levels of tailored configurations. The key benefits of GoCustom include: Easy to use, short time-to-market, and easy implementation.

Industry specific examples

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