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Furniture portfolio

A collection of images, film, animation, and tools to help you succeed with CGI in your furniture business.

Kitchen and bath portfolio

Kitchen & bath
Learn how industry leaders in the kitchen, bath, and bedroom industry use CGI to grow their business and brand recognition.
Industrial portfolio
Are you struggling to show complex or hidden parts of your product? With CGI we can visualize your product part by part and from all angles.

Home improvement portfolio

Home improvement
An inexpensive, quick and easy way to build your brand with beautiful high-quality images, film and configurators.
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Fritz Hansen case story Cadesign form

Featured furniture case story
As the high-end lifestyle brand that Fritz Hansen is, it was a challenge to find a  professional partner who understands their needs while delivering quality materials on time.

AUBO kitchen case story Cadesign form

Kitchen & bath case story
Being a kitchen, bath, and wardrobe manufacturer, AUBO doesn't just sell products - they sell a certain lifestyle, which must be present in all their marketing material.

GEA case story Cadesign form

Featured industry case story
Discover how one innovative idea ignited a year-round tale of triumph for GEA, a revolutionary leader in sustainable heating and cooling solutions.


Home improvement case story
Providing customers with a product configurator, Keflico created a smooth user experience which resulted in the highest ever engagement rate on their website one week after the launch.
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Simplify decision-making for ecommerce shoppers

Present your complete product range with photorealistic 3D product configurators.

    Trusted by leading international manufacturers

    Show your entire product range seamlessly

    Options, options, options. Whether it comes down to a particular color or a unique texture, customers want to be able to easily explore, combine, and select their preferred options.

    Present your full catalog of products, models, colors, and textures in a neat, fun, and engaging way.

    Effortlessly configured, visually stunning.

    config 02-2

    Show your entire product range close up and from all angles

    58% of online buyers spend more time on the zoom function than the main image.

    So it's important to allow the user to rotate the products 360 and zoom in to see details such as fabrics, folds and stitching. Let your customers experience the product's look & feel up close, while reassuring your them that they are taking the right decision.

    Enhancing the e-commerce experience
    for Fritz Hansen shoppers

    See how Fritz Hansen, a leading Scandinavian furniture manufacturer, incorporated a 360 product configurator into their digital strategy to enhance the e-commerce experience and show the complete product assortment in a highly photorealistic quality. The interactive solution assembles the visual render of the product in real time based on the customer's input. 

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    Enable customers to visualize products in their home with AR

    Empower customers to envision your products within their living spaces through the integration of Augmented Reality. Save them the hassle of transporting and assembling items, enabling them to test different options virtually.

    Eliminate uncertainties and provide a clear understanding of how the product complements their home's set-up.

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    Make it your own

    No matter what product configurator experience we build together, you always have the option to fully customise the functionality, user experience, and interface in accordance to your vision and brand.

    No matter if it's a solution to be integrated into your IT ecosystem or a stand alone configurator, we have the experience and technical collaborators to bring this to life.

    The sky is the limit.


    furniture-web 2

    Gain insights on customer preference

    58% of online buyers spend more time on the zoom function than the main image.

    • What products are users viewing most?
    • What variations are most loved?
    • Do users prefer to zoom in or see a product 360?

    Our product configurators can connect with 3rd party statistic platforms such as Google Analytics. This offers you essential insights into the user behaviour, preference, and micro-interactions. It will help you identify trends and patterns that can be used for creating your next campaign.


    Fritz Hansen's customers get
    an immersive shopping experience

    Fritz Hansen, a leading Scandinavian furniture manufacturer, included as part of their overall digital strategy a 360 product configurator for enhancing the e-commerce experience for their customers.


    Product configurator solution

    The goal was to show the complete product assortment in a highly photorealistic quality. The interactive solution assembles the visual render of the product in real time based on the customer's input. While users get a wonderful shopping experience, the task behind the scene is also simplified by reducing 185 million possible image combinations that would should have been created in advance to 3.5 million individual items ready to get assembled on demand.

    CGI opens a world of possibilities

    Since Fritz Hansen's products got a digital twin in this process, this opened the door for other opportunities. The natural next step was a WebAR solution that enabled customers to bring the product into their homes with their mobile browsers. Once you go down the CGI road, sky is the limit in terms of repurposing your digital 3D models.


    Fritz Hansen

    Cadesign understood where we wanted to go instantly

    "Project Managers were super professional, respectful, and showed us the respect for being a high-end brand and what it requires. With other suppliers, it takes longer to understand who we are, how detailed and cautious we are about our look, the material, and the feel. Cadesign understood where we wanted to go instantly. That was very comforting to me and made it easy to start out quickly."
    Louise SvendsenHead of Space Design

    Get started easily

    Do you know what you want? Great. Not entirely sure what you want? Even better. We are here for you and are ready to be your partner in developing your company's marketing and making your products come to life.

    Contact us and together we can find the solution that best fits your needs.

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    Want to see more ways to make use of 3D product configurators?

    1200x1080px - Config graphics 01
    Interactive experience in a life-like setting

    Encourage customers to interact with your product in a visually captivating and interactive setting. Make it easy for your customers to get to know your product range and build preference for your brand over others.

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    1200x1080px - Config graphics 03
    Elevate buying journeys with fully-custom configurations

    Do you have a modular product that can be configured in an infinite number of ways? Our product configurator empowers customers as well as your sales team to customize from ground up.

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    Gocustom_ikon_Increase traffic
    Increase traffic
    Product insight and interaction eliminate insecurity and let your customers feel in control. Research shows up to 800% increase in time spent on the website.
    Gocustom_ikon_Boost conversion
    Boost conversion
    The intuitive product presentation effectively turns leads into customers. And when they enter your showroom, they are all ready to shop.
    Gocustom_ikon_Valuable insight
    Valuable insights

    The customer clicks around on your website, and the system collects the clicks and the valuable customer behavior data to boost your business.

    Gocustom_ikon_Time to market
    Time to market

    By showing your products digitally, you get a dynamic and interactive catalog. You can also start presenting and selling your product even before you’ve produced it.

    Gocustom_ikon_Easy to use
    Easy to use
    No slow-loading features, downloading programs, or plug-ins that take an eternity to complete.
    Gocustom_ikon_Design and share
    Design and share

    Enable your customers to interact with your catalog and design their own product – and share it online and with the staff in your showroom.

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