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Best corporate videos
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10 of the Best Corporate Videos [2023 edition]

What is a corporate video?

Often, people use interchangeable language to explain the various types of videos used in promoting businesses, brands, and products. However, this can lead to confusion instead of clarity about which video style to use in different scenarios for video marketing. 

The same goes for corporate videos.

Our best version of a definition is this:

A corporate video is a promotional tool to help your business, brand, product, or service be used, understood, and remembered.

Let's take a look at some of the best corporate videos - in our humble opinion.

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1. OnRobot 

This corporate video example from OnRobot is doing a great job presenting all features of the OnRobot Sander by showing its abilities in different situations. As technology becomes more advanced each year, robots are developing as well, which means they can complete more advanced tasks. This video succeeds in portraying the complex tasks that the OnRobot Sander can complete and showcases how it can be an asset for different organizations.


2. Schur 

A sustainable strategy has become more important for all companies across industries to stay competitive. Today, consumers expect transparency from businesses and therefore, many companies are working towards implementing a sustainable strategy.

Schur who offers packaging, packaging machines, and packaging systems saw the opportunity to display that innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand. In this corporate video, they present their eco-friendly bag solutions and that these mainly consist of recyclable or degradable material. Schur succeeds in highlighting their innovativeness and showing that they work towards a sustainable future. 


3. Kingfisher

This great corporate video example shows us how Kingfisher's Atomia Range can be mixed and matched into several different combinations of storage ranges. The video showcases how the storage ranges fit into every room of your home based on your needs. 


4. Danfoss Crown Plaza

No doubt the environment is on the agenda for every business in one way or another. Especially within the industries that pollute the most - the hospitality sector is no exception and so hotels put up signs in the rooms asking guests to reuse their towels when possible. But that's far from all the initiatives they take to become more environmentally friendly.

Danfoss who manufactures products to optimize energy consumption saw an opportunity in showcasing one of their clients in a video to promote their products in a reliable and understandable way, focusing on the positive environmental effect they have.

In this corporate video, you'll see the use of different methods like interviews, on-site viewings, and explanatory text and graphics, which all come together in a way that makes both Danfoss and their client stand out from the competition.

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5. Linak Care Communication System

This corporate video example from Linak does a great job at creating an empathetic story around the global challenge of health care efficiency. Linak sells communication systems to improve communication between caregivers and caretakers. A rather non-emotional subject of technology is made human and hits home with its tag line "we improve your life".

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6. Rohde Nielsen

If you work in the industrial or manufacturing industry, you probably know all about how difficult it can be to put a face to the machinery that you sell. At Rohde Nielsen, they wanted to show their potential and existing customers that they are more than bolts and heavy machinery by telling the story of the company through a corporate video.

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7. CKL Software

For more than 20 years, CKL has provided software to optimize business processes. With this corporate video, they wanted to put a spin on their message by making the visuals help viewers better understand and remember the features of their services.

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8. Feldhaus Klinker

With almost movie-like effects and details, Feldhaus Klinker uses this corporate video to convey a message of quality, tradition, and high-tech production of their pristine tiles. By removing all colors and creating the video in pure black and white, the messages come across loud and clear; we're human, we're high-tech, we're craftsmen.

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9. Sjolund

Being a steel manufacturer, Sjolund's big challenge was to provide information about what they do and what sets them apart from the competition. They wanted to showcase their special abilities to make something as tough as steel into beautiful shapes that are both stronger, lighter, and energy-efficient structures. Bending and welding steel into shapes is no easy job and requires extreme precision and craftsmanship. Personally, we're quite impressed with what they at Sjolund are able to do - see for yourself in this company video.

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10. Universal Robots

The robot business isn't all that new, but to many companies looking into buying and using robots in their businesses, it's often a new undertaking. With this corporate film, Universal Robots wanted to make customers at ease by communicating their tried-and-tested processes as well as great support staff and community.


Bonus / self-promotion alert

Okay okay, we know it's tacky to bring up our own version of a creative corporate video, but...

We're just so proud of it.

Without further ado, here it is.


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