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Types of video
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12 different styles of video that promote your products professionally

Video marketing is an essential tool all businesses and marketers should be using as a primary component in their marketing mix. Utilized in conjunction with email marketing and SEO, videos are a highly viable means of attracting potential customers and clients, growing your customer base, and improving your ROI.

But while videos are indeed an effective marketing strategy, knowing what style of video to use, and where and when to share or distribute, is also important. A professional quality video may look great, but if it’s marketed the wrong way or to the wrong audience, it won’t serve you very well.

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It’s also important to discern between what an actual style of marketing video is versus what it isn’t. In today’s video obsessed culture, too many words are thrown around to describe videos that aren’t really proper descriptors. For example, mobile videos, viral videos, YouTube videos, Snapchat videos, or content marketing videos are not actually styles of videos. Rather, they are terms that should be used to describe how the video is viewed via a distribution channel or platform, or how popular it may be.

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What actually constitutes a marketing video is a particular style with a determined goal or focus, such as to increase brand awareness, attract new leads, provide important information to consumers, or showcase a brand, product, or service. Ultimately, marketing videos can be categorized into three main types:

Videos that create awareness — Entertaining, memorable videos that will stay in the minds of your target audience long after viewing.

Videos that educate the consumer — These can provide instruction on how to best utilize a product or achieve the best results from a service.

Videos that increase audience engagement — These will invite or include consumers to participate in discussions, leave comments, or provide some other form of valuable input.

Consider these 11 different styles of video you can use to promote your business and products and how best to leverage them for maximum benefit.


12 types of video content

  1. Corporate/branding films
  2. Product film
  3. Testimonial videos
  4. Assembly animation and process film
  5. Social media video
  6. Expert interviews
  7. Webinar videos
  8. Commercials
  9. Product reviews
  10. Behind-the-scenes videos
  11. Sales videos
  12. Explainer videos

1. Corporate/Branding Films

A strong corporate branding film can transport your company ideology and instill emotional value within the minds of the consumer. A professionally produced film, the branding video should serve as a cornerstone of your image, as it will play a large role in explaining your message and values while establishing your corporate identity.

Consumer perception is a large part of the customer journey — the steps a customer takes before finally deciding upon a purchase. The branding film will serve to establish a connection with the consumer by helping display the company not as a faceless entity, but as a physical identity consisting of a philosophy, corporate culture and behavior, an appealing design, and other characteristics that embody your brand as a whole.

Essentially, the corporate branding film should speak to your target audience in a manner that helps them to connect and identify with your company’s message.

Corporate branding films are best displayed on your company website, but can also be distributed through social media and video marketing platforms where they can become established in a fixed location, such as Linked:In or YouTube. You can also tie your branding video to related promotional events to further increase brand awareness.

Example of a corporate video - promoting Feldhaus Tiles

With this corporate video, the viewer learns that Feldhaus work with bricks, we see that they’re a company of substantial size and impact, we meet the employees and get a hint of their global scale business. But we also get a clear feeling from watching the video reminding us that even tiles are made by humans that are deeply engaged in their work and have high ambitions about the manufaturing of their product. Click to watch Feldhaus' corporate video. 

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2. Product Film

A product film is an ideal way to focus on the features and benefits of any particular product or service. The film enables you to go into depth and further explain how a product works, what problems it solves, and how it benefits the user. Because video is a highly effective way to generate leads and over 80% of people say they’ve decided to purchase a product after watching a video, the product video is an excellent way to showcase your products and distinguish them from similar products in the marketplace.

Share product videos at the launch of a new product or service in email marketing campaigns, on social media platforms, and on the product page on your website. You can also link to the product video from a press release about the launch of the new product or service.

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Two examples of two very different products

Two products that could not be more different. And just as individual as each product is, so individual can their product films be. But why not see for yourself?

1. Novenco and the flying mascot

Sometimes we have to think way outside the box to explain the complex genius of some specific products – optimal air flow would be an example of such a case. So, we thought; ‘what is sensible to air, easy to recognize, relatable, and can be subject to the story of shifting air flow?’ Meet our winged friend – the Novenco fly. This little fellow became so incredibly popular that it is now their air flow mascot.

2. AJ Products - suprisingly more

AJ Products is visualized in parts, in totality, and its functions are shown in a lively way so their customers can see the purpose and visualize it in their own warehouse. AJ Products wanted to show the possibilities of this new product, and it really turned out to be the ideal way of presenting it at fair trades and matching their slogan: “Surprisingly more.”

3. Testimonial Video

A testimonial is more than just a simple review — it tells the story of how your product or service solved a problem for the consumer. But more than that, it showcases your company and its products or services in a positive light, details the benefits a consumer has to gain by using your products or services, and distinguishes your company from your competitors.

Happy clients will likely be glad to be a part of testimonial video (especially if there is some additional incentive like a future discount). The video should include the following details:

• The problem the customer was having

• Why they decided to choose your company

• How your product or service helped solve their problem

• Key features and benefits of the product

These videos will often play a large role in influencing buying decisions of others on their customer journey. Share them on your website, on social media, and via email marketing when the testimonial is bound to resonate with a large portion of your target market.

4. Assembly Animation and Process Films

Demonstrating how to put together or use a product that often requires instruction or explanation is an excellent way to further influence a potential customer to purchase a product. Many customers will often shy away from purchasing a product that appears difficult to use or assemble. But with an assembly animation or process film, you can easily and creatively demonstrate how simply the assembly really is, as well as how easy it is to take advantage of the particular features of a product.

Place these videos on the product pages on your website, as well as on YouTube and other video platforms that feature instructional videos, and your blog if you have one. Use SEO in the title and description of the assembly animation or process film so that it yields top results for organic search queries.

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Example of assembly animation videos

Magnet is among Europe's largest and England's leading experts in kitchen design. With more than 90 years of experience, Magnet offers kitchens to suit all likings and needs, which Cadesign form is tasked with presenting in style, using 3D imaging.

5. Social Media Video

Social media videos are among the top four videos marketers are investing in in 2020. They serve to improve audience engagement which further increases brand awareness. Over 90% of brands attribute new customers to social media videos. That’s because the right video can capture attention quickly, and be shared amongst potentially thousands.

Create engaging, entertaining, humorous or captivating videos that showcase your brand while at the same time appeal to the wants and needs of your target market. Tell a story, create a series of videos as part of a social media ad campaign, or detail an amazing experience relating to one of your products or services.

Social media videos offer a number of benefits — it’s easy to see why marketers are focusing on these types of videos more than ever before.

Brand Awareness — grow your audience and increase the connection between your brand and your audience.

Engage Your Audience — Today’s consumers want more than just competitive prices for good quality products and services. They also want a positive engagement experience with the companies they choose to do business with. That’s why social media videos are the perfect avenue for achieving higher engagement and exposure.

Social Media Video is Measurable and Cost-effective — There are plenty of analytical tools that can help you easily measure the effect of any single social media video. And because many social media videos can be evergreen (watchable and still relevant many years from now) it’s a very cost-effective medium as well.

Examples of video made for distribution on social media

1. Dali headset

DALI has made quality hi-fi loudspeakers since 1983. Designed, developed, and produced in their factory in Denmark. Driven by a raw passion for music, it is important to show their products in the best possible way.

2. Wonderland beds

How do you sell the dream of a long life bed? For most people, they would want to lie in the bed, before buying it, and especially if you know it is an extra good quality bed with fantastic comfort, which Wonderlands beds are.

Note: When creating social media videos, don’t focus on creating something that must go viral. Viral video phenomena is a tricky thing, and if you are more intent on creating something you think will be viral, you could be missing out on creating a social media video that actually benefits your brand in an more efficient manner.

6. Expert Interviews

An expert interview video is a way for you to tell your own story that not only builds a connection with your audience, but also establishes you as an authority in the industry. This further serves to instill trust and reliability in the minds of the consumers, making them more likely to purchase your products or services.

Expert interviews should be engaging — the interviewer should ask several questions that get the expert talking about things the viewer would care about. It doesn’t hurt to ask a controversial question or two as well so that the video further stands out and is more likely to be shared.

The expert should also answer specific questions about a particular product or service that explains what the benefits are, how it solves problems, when or how it should be used, and who else is using it. By helping those in the audience relate to a product or service, you better serve the audience by providing them with the information they need to make a decision that will ultimately solve a problem or fulfill a want or need.

Creating a good flow throughout the interview is also important. One question should lead to the next in an easy transition, ultimately concluding with a resolution that will get the consumer thinking more about the brand, and/or its products and services.

Expert interviews should be published on blogs, guest posts on other related industry blogs, YouTube, and Linked:In,. Be sure to utilize SEO in the title and description to improve searchability.

7. Webinar Videos

A webinar can be a great tool in increasing your video marketing ROI and driving traffic to your site. A typical webinar is an online presentation, Q&A session, or conference that occurs live, often inviting audience participation.

It’s a great way to connect with your audience, show a friendly face of the company, and dispense useful information all at once, subsequently increasing brand recognition.

A webinar can also attract and help a brand grow its customer base, and, depending upon the content, establish authority and expertise in the industry. Webinar videos are also typically longer than many other video marketing styles, with an average length of 30-60 minutes.

Users connect to the livestream link of the webinar and can ask questions or chat with the participants via the platform’s messaging tools. Depending on the platform, a webinar can host anywhere from 50 to potentially thousands of attendees.

Here is an example of how we've used live stream here at Cadesign form to engage with both current and potential customers;

A free webinar is a great tool for lead generation, sales, upselling, and, of course, engaging with your audience. Schedule a webinar well in advance and promote on various marketing channels to build buzz. Even if many consumers are unable to attend a webinar, the recorded session can be later posted on blogs and video platforms.

It’s also a good idea to include a surprise or two for the audience to get them even more excited and increase the potential for sharing after the webinar is complete. Offering an exclusive download such as an ebook or provided a discount on products or services for attendees is a great way to ensure optimal attendance.

8. Commercials

A commercial tells a story that showcases your brand, and a product or service, in a manner that captures audience attention and instills an important message in their minds. Commercials can reach a widely diverse audience and be published on television, online, or both.

The idea of filming a commercial might seem like a lengthy and expensive proposition, and, in truth, it used to be. But the Internet and technology today has made it much less expensive to produce and publish a beautiful, professionally shot commercial that delivers plenty of video marketing benefits.

They can be a great well to explain complex products, or serve as a tease to consumers who will journey to your site in order to learn more. Commercials are your opportunity to be really creative, but you must have a purpose in mind, and a hero in the commercial. Is the hero a spokesperson, or the product itself? What will the hero be doing, and why is this relevant to the consumer? What will the consumer learn from your commercial? What will make your commercial stand out?

These are just some of the questions you will need to answer before your commercial concept can be developed. It’s best to work with a professional video marketing company before launching such an endeavor to ensure the best results.

Example of video commercials

Due to Danfoss' innovative approach to marketing, they are willing to take chances and do things out of the ordinary. Luckily, we are willing to do the same, resulting in this encapsulating commercial.

Danfoss has let the grace of ballet act as a symbol of the excellence of their IMC Integrated Motion Controller. The use of storytelling has enabled Danfoss to simplify their otherwise rather complex products. 


9. Product Review

A product review video differs from a testimonial video in that it focuses solely on the product itself, and not the reviewer. Product reviews should also be short and to the point — viewers are tuning in because they want to hear about the product, not a bunch of other fluff. As an unwritten rule, anything over three minutes for a product review is too long and viewers are likely to lose interest.

Product review videos should be honest and informative — they should discuss the features of product, and why they may be better than those of another product (or not as good). If there are any negatives, try to balance them with positives. It isn’t always likely that some of the features of your product will be the best on the market, but maybe your product also has features that other products don’t. Mentioning these can be the deciding factor for a consumer.

Above all, product reviews should be honest and animated — they shouldn’t appear as if the host is reading from script.

Place product review videos on the product pages on your website, on YouTube, and on applicable social media channels in response or relation to other posts about the product. Product review videos are also well suited for guest blog posts.

10. Behind-the-scenes Videos

These videos are great at giving your audience a look at the actual work culture within an organization. In this manner, consumers get a better sense of the corporate values and the faces behind the talent that develop the products or deliver the services they desire.

Your overall work environment can provide a lot of information to the consumer if the video is shot properly. They can also be useful for showing potential new recruits the work environment and attracting new prospects when your business is growing.

A good part to include in behind-the-scenes videos are a few employees talking about their worklife and notable work experiences that make their company enjoyable and unique.

The main point of this video is to further increase brand awareness and/or showcase the actual development behind a product or service. For example, one video could focus on the craftsmanship and the skill of your team as they work to bring a particular product from conception to completion.

Example of behind-the-scenes video

With Danfoss we knew we were about to create something different. Something not seen in the industry before. So, we decided to make a behind-the-scenes video of the production to give our audience a view into how we work. 


11. Sales Videos

Sales videos can sometimes be tricky because you want to make them compelling and enjoyable while at the same time relaying information that may not be very exciting. But the key to making good sales videos is to remember that at the point you may be showing a sales video, the prospect has nearly already completed the customer journey. So it’s okay to have a little fun with your sales video.

After all, the consumer has already gone through the journey with you this far; they don’t need to hear the same sales jargon reiterated in a video. A promotional sales video that doesn’t lay to heavy on the sales and actually entertains can often do the trick of closing a sale.

When creating sales videos, it is also important to always remain true to your brand. Something that appears different from all your other brand videos and messages will only confuse and potentially turn away the consumer. Additionally, try engaging the consumer from the onset of a video. Asking a question to start is one way to do this; getting personal is another. Engagement is still important at all points of the customer journey so including your customers in the sales video by way of a testimonial or two also helps you accomplish your goal.

12. Explainer videos

Explainer video are great for - well - explaining anything basically. If you have a product that is complicated to understand, a cause or message you want to promote or a campaign that needs that extra touch, explainer videos are great. Here's an example from Schur who manufacture flexible packaging solutions: 

Or take a look at some of the best explainer video examples from companies in different industries and with different messages and goals for their video production. Let yourself get inspired for your next video marketing project. 

In Conclusion

While you may not find every video above wholly necessary to achieving your business goals, a good mix of a few of them should definitely be a part of your digital marketing campaign. As mentioned above, today’s consumers are obsessed with two things — videos and engagement. Put them both together in a manner that distinguishes your brand from your competitors and showcases the benefits consumers have to gain from choosing your brand, and you’ll come out a winner every time.

Ideally, you’ll also want to utilize the services of a professional video marketing firm for the majority, if not all, of the above video styles. There’s a lot of competition out there, and experts in the video marketing industry have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the guidance you need to create a great video that stands out and remains relevant.

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