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  • 01 How to get started
  • 02 Set objectives
  • 03 Decide on core message
  • 04 Ideation & Storyboard
  • 05 Video production
  • 06 Next steps

Inspire your audience and build your brand

Corporate videos are one of the most effective and engaging ways of inspiring your customers and conveying your messages. 

To get started, all you need is an idea of the message you want to convey. Our specialists will help you with storyboards, scenery and technological choices.

Research your audience and set clear objectives

We work with you on specific and achievable objectives for your new corporate video. We want to make sure that measuring your success is simple and provides the ROI you need.

Humans are wired for storytelling - what is your message?

Before we start any video production, it's important that you - and we - have set clear objectives for your new corporate film and which brand story you are trying to tell.

In short, in collaboration we decide on a core message that will help drive viewers towards your end goal - to take action.

Let your imagination run wild

This is where our creatives start their process. A delicious combination of imagination, creativity and trends in your market.

Next, they start making a storyboard. Basically, a scene-by-scene representation of your new video.

Ready, steady, go

Now, we're ready to start the video production. Our film team handles the entire production, editing, animation, and real-life filming. Sit back and watch the ideas come to life.

Start telling your brand message to the world

Reach out to Sales to learn more about how to get started.

Or keep reading and watch some of the examples of video production we've done for other clients.

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Corporate Film

Your entire business in minutes

Video works better than words on social media, at sales meetings, at trade fairs, on your website… essentially anywhere. No one has the time or patience for 10 PowerPoint slides or reading one extensive column after another about who you are as a company and what products you sell. A corporate video is an incredible medium because you can say so much in a short amount of time through different communicative features in the video.

The cast, setting, speak and the entire mood says a lot about the sender of the film. Show and tell a visually appealing and catchy story about your entire company and all its outstanding qualities within minutes through a medium that actually retains the interest of the viewer and makes your company memorable in the eyes of your customers – through Corporate and Branding film.

Evoke emotions

Branding with storytelling

Always take your own medicine, they say. Well, in the case of our own corporate branding film, we certainly did.

We could have told the story of our business segments, customers, number of employees, our products and services and how we manage our projects from a to z – such a film has its definite perks and is a strong explanatory means of communication.

But, in this case we chose the path of storytelling, projecting our core values and the way we approach our customers with our ‘We care’ manifesto through a (hopefully) compelling story of long-term guidance in a confusing pool of possibilities. 


The Feldhaus Feeling

Sometimes there is no need for words or explanations. Sometimes the right scenery, the perfect lighting, high-end equipment, evocative music and excellent editing comes together and becomes an incredible example of artistic branding. 

However, the Feldhaus film is not without information. The viewer is still very well informed and learn that they work with bricks, we see that they’re a company of substantial size and impact, we meet the employees and get a hint of their global scale business – but the way we learn all of this is in an artistic and highfalutin matter, without words or texts, but with feeling and an almost tactile form of expression in the shape of a corporate film. 

The ambitions of Feldhaus when they released a corporate video like this one is hard to overlook. Have a look at the result below.

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