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The characteristic effect of commercials

Commercials enable you to reach out to an extensive and diverse audience, with your key message, starring as the focus point. There is a huge variety of platforms which can be exploited to host your commercial feature. For example, if you’re searching for an alternative to TV ads, you can instead go online and select people closer to your original target group.


CGI sculpts your product

The commercial feature combines CGI film with real live footage which makes it possible for us to create the ultimate surroundings for the story that we're trying to tell while emphasizing the feel and requirements we desire for the specific commercial. We create houses in 3D so that they contain rooms that are perfectly planned and arranged and with the appropriate styling so the product can be showcased in just the right way. We are able to reposition and alter everything continuously to ensure that the product is presented in the best possible way, which is one of the major benefits of CGI.

By extracting the value of the product in atmospheric storytelling, our clients will get the impression that they are presenting more than just a product – they present wishes, desires and dreams and that is what will eventually sell products!


Exploit your products in the best possible way

Benefit from the endless possibilities of computer-generated imagery and re-use your 3D images in a completely different context. 

By altering the image minimally we can add various zoom, panning and scaling effects that will put your image into motion next up we'll add some flattering lighting and some depth to the film and voila! You will have yourself a brand new and visually appealing commercial. 


Commercials can still convert

In the marketing industry, there has been some debate about the effects of classic commercials and advertisements. Some commercials have definitely outstayed their visit and have become outdated primarily due to the fact that the focus has shifted somewhat over the past couple of years with the explosive increase on media platforms, communication channels and context related exposure to hit the specific target audiences.

However, the commercial as a means of effective mass communication is still very alive and well. In fact, we are constantly exposed to thousands upon thousands of ads and commercials even on a daily basis making it ever so important that you position yourself in the top of the rankings compared to your competitors within the same product area.

Sounds interesting?

If this sounds interesting to you, get in contact with us by pressing the button below and we'll be happy to turn your average 3D image into a breathtaking and spectacular commercial! 

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From four images to a commercial

Magnet TV spot and images


Kitchen manufacturer Magnet knows exactly how to benefit from the endless possibilities of computer-generated images. They focussed their efforts on creating the perfect room set images, fully styled, with perfect lighting and a homey atmosphere. We then took the images, added some zoom, panning and scaling and hey presto! Magnet got an incredible and visually appealing commercial.

See for yourself!



Storytelling as a captivating tool

Commercials can showcase even the most complex products, in a captivating and spectacular way. Have a look at the examples below to see how the respective products are brought to life by the works of a strong message and the use of creative storytelling.

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