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10 reasons why explainer videos are effective

The Internet today is inundated with videos, and it’s no wonder why — videos have become the most commonly and heavily used content marketing format to date, with a proven track record of increasing web traffic and improving sales. But many still flounder in their efforts to master video marketing, and the reason is they are simply making the wrong types of videos.

There are a variety of videos a marketer may utilize for several purposes, such as improving brand recognition, increasing traffic to a website, or simply providing industry information to a loyal consumer audience. One such video is the explainer video, which has proven to be especially popular.


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10 reasons why explainer videos are effective

  1. Videos work better than text
  2. Videos are easily shared
  3. Explainer videos get to the point quickly
  4. Explainer videos make it easy to describe how a product or service works
  5. Video improves conversion rates
  6. Explainer videos are cost-effective
  7. Explainer videos help you stand out from competition
  8. They improve search engine rankings
  9. Explainer videos are great for mobile marketing
  10. Video marketing is an essential part of the customer journey

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short video approximately 90 seconds in length, that does the job of explaining a business concept in a clear, informative, and engaging manner. Animation is a common format for an explainer video because the visuals capture consumer attention quickly and can easily communicate how a product or service can benefit a consumer or solve a problem they might be experiencing.

To expand on this concept, the explainer video introduces the audience to a particular subject — this can be a description of the features of a new product or service, an introduction to a brand, or an overview of a process, such as how a particular app works. An explainer video can also serve as a short tutorial on how to utilize a product or a software application.

Lastly, explainer videos can lead consumers to visit your website to learn more about a product, a service, or your company. You can also use an explainer video to promote your brand and showcase your company culture, further engaging the consumer and building brand recognition.

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Reasons Why Explainer Videos are Effective

Now that you understand the general purpose of an explainer video, let’s delve into the reasons why explainer videos are effective. Once you realize the benefits of using explainer videos as part of your marketing mix, it is likely that you will always strive to utilize them in future video marketing campaigns.

1. Videos Work Better Than Text

Current statistics show that video trumps all in converting prospects to sales. Videos help consumers discover more about brands and the products and services they offer. Videos also help consumers learn more about the benefits of a product or service. That’s because consumers retain more information from watching videos than they do reading text — in fact, 95% of a message is retained via video.

Even more noteworthy, over 95% of consumers polled say that they have watched an explainer video in order to learn more about a product or service. This statistic reveals that consumers are not only keen on watching videos, but they are actively seeking them out. It’s no wonder that explainer videos are actually the most widely created video for marketing purposes.

Consumers just prefer to watch videos rather than read text or view a manual. The format, short time-length, and clear and succinct content are much more appealing and effective. In fact, when asked, nearly 90% of people requested more video content from the brands they choose to do business with.


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2. Videos are Easily Shared

When a consumer finds an explainer video they like, they are twice as likely to share it with friends than any other type of content. Again, this is because the video format is more apt to be easily received than a wordy article, confusing infographic, or lengthy e-book. And while there is never a guarantee that a video will “go viral,” there is much more potential for a video being shared exponentially than a simple web page.

3. Explainer Videos Get to the Point Quickly

A long video is bound to lose watchers as it plays on, regardless of how interesting the content is. Explainer videos work because they are short and to the point. Today’s consumers want to discover information quickly — they don’t want to waste any unnecessary time scrolling through web pages or watching a long video just to find the bit of information they were seeking.

Through an explainer video, you can quickly deliver your message in an engaging manner while ensuring the most crucial information was delivered to the viewer.

4. Explainer Videos Make it Easy to Describe How a Product or Service Works

Explainer videos are ideally suited to demonstrating how to use a product or showcasing how a service will benefit a consumer. Videos are often better suited to providing instructions than simple text, and viewers will benefit from the visual demonstration.


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5. Videos Will Improve Your Conversion Rate

Because explainer videos better engage the viewer and present a solution to a problem, viewers are more apt to make a purchase after viewing the video. According to several different sources, including Forbes, over 90% of consumers state that watching a video significantly influences their purchasing decisions.

6. Explainer Videos are Cost-Effective

Making an explainer video doesn’t have to break your marketing budget. Today’s advanced technology allows for high-quality, professional videos to be made for a modest amount. When utilizing the services of a professional video marketing company, you can also be assured that your video will properly reflect your brand and your message in a polished and superior manner. This is important because it will differentiate your brand from competitors…

7. Explainer Videos Help You Stand Out From Your Competitors

Not everyone is doing explainer videos yet (even though they should be). If you have explainer videos already on various marketing channels and video platforms such as YouTube, you’ll not only maintain a strong edge over your competitors, you’ll also improve search engine rankings, subsequently enabling consumers to find you first, before they find a competitor site.

8. They Improve Search Engine Rankings

Explainer videos that focus on specific subjects, products, or services can be tagged and titled with keywords that will help with your SEO marketing and draw in more web traffic through different channels. Having videos on your website also improves search engine rankings because Google uses algorithms to calculate how long someone stays on a page on your website. If they are staying longer to watch a video, Google understands that your website is more interesting and relevant, and improves your search engine ranking in relation to specific keywords.

9. Explainer Videos are Great for Mobile Marketing

Consumers love watching videos on their mobile devices, and mobile shoppers often watch videos when seeking to discover new products. Having explainer videos readily available for the mobile market keeps you engaged with your target audience 24/7 and improves brand awareness.

10. Explainer Videos Are a Vital Part of the Consumer Journey

Marketers who have already added explainer videos to their marketing mix have seen the positive results firsthand— over 80% say that videos help to generate leads, improve website traffic, and increase sales. This is because videos serve the sales funnel much better than a marketing mix comprised of just text content. Adding explainer videos somewhere along the consumer journey greatly improves your ROI and conversion rate.

In Conclusion

Now that you know the reasons why explainer videos are so effective, it’s time to add them to your marketing mix. There are plenty of ways to do this, from placing them on your website and landing pages to utilizing social media and video platforms.

Working with a professional video marketing agency is also a good strategy because not only can they help you put together a high-quality video, they can also help you choose the best channels to showcase your videos for optimal benefit. Video marketing experts will have the experience and knowledge to properly identify your audience and what channels they are bound to visit the most, and can also take difficult to explain concepts and solutions and translate them on a video in a manner that your audience can more easily digest.

Overall, explainer videos can make a huge impact over time, as long as you take the time to develop them in a proper and professional manner and publish them where they will serve you best.

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