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Process Images & Cut-throughs

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Start visualizing your product - in parts

All of our 3D visualization services aim to make your products stand out from your competitors. And we do not usually recommend you to think "inside out", but that is exactly what's needed for creating informative and engaging cut-through images. 

Think about every single part of your product that will help your customers understand the value of what you deliver - from inside to outside. 

Present your products from entirely new angles

If you have a product where the true benefits are hidden away behind a beautiful exterior, like a high-end speaker, a water pump, a couch or something entirely different - it can help speed up your customer's decision making process by showing them exactly how your product is constructed. Bit by bit.

Renewed engagement

Many of our customers report back to us that they see renewed and increased engagement rates from their target group when they first started promoting their products with process images and cut-throughs.

It gives the product and your brand story a new life and a renewed reason for your target audience to engage with your marketing messages.

Make your goals - achievable but ambitious

Before adding any new method to your marketing mix it's important that you set goals - make them achievable but ambitious. 

Process images and cut-throughs often fall under the category "supporting material" that helps a whole campaign to succeed. 

If your campaign goal is to raise awareness, reduce the sales cycle length or something third, that goal should be impacted by adding a new method and additional material to your campaign.

Start your journey with us

Either keep reading to learn more about the benefits of using process images and cut-throughs or reach out to one of our experts to learn more. 

With CGI you can explain the unexplainable

How do you show and sell the genius internal features that operate inside a given product when it is hidden from plain sight? Cut it open and slice it up with the use of CGI, which lets you show a process in detail, step by step. Once your product is a digital model, you can present it in any alternative and innovative way that you like making for a truly flexible solution.

The beauty within

Ever so often, a product is nothing more than a shiny box or that little something within that makes the whole production line run smoother. Showing potential customers what an incredible invention you have come up with can be rather challenging when it is hidden behind the exterior of the original product and not visible to the eye.  

When your product has undergone the magical transformation into a digital object, the display possibilities are truly endless.


We can cut it open and see the inside, we can slice it up and make each component stand out on its own, we can even line up the components so that they illustrate a given process, we can show it from every angle or dissolve it into a thousand individual pieces. No matter where the complexity and intellect of your product are placed, we can help you show it. 


Speak up about the hidden qualities

What ultimately defines quality products is that the quality is ensured inside out, completely through and through, and in every single part of the product. A Callisto speaker from the well-reputed DALI delivers goosebumps guaranteed sound experiences which is the result of a product that consists of high quality and well-produced exterior materials. Hi-Fi luxury is a niche business so customers are often well informed on the product area and want to know all there is to know about the specific product in mind. Hence, DALI makes sure that its customers will get just that – both in relation to the distributed information and the visual impression. 

With digital models of their speakers, DALI can have us produce pixel-perfect CGIs in every thinkable way, shape, or form they need. Like this woofer and tweeter that have been fragmented into several parts, so that the detail demanding customer can see exactly what the DALI Callisto speaker can offer should he or she end up purchasing it. 

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