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Styling as an essential framing device

Styling, for some, may not seem like the most important part of a production, when marketing a new product. Some might not have much of an opinion as to what colors are being used etc. But in reality, styling goes a lot deeper than most people realize.

It’s a framing and branding device and a powerful tool to both enhance a product and draw in an audience.

Don't worry, we got you

Whatever you do, do not forget to ask the right people how to ‘dress’ your 3D images. You may not think that styling would have such a huge impact on your final image but styling and art direction are actually crucial elements to make your image stand out from competition and trigger the curiosity and interest of your potential customers. Whether you boldly go to the extravagant extreme in your styling approach, a cool, stylish and minimalistic mood or maybe you pursue a subtle romantic atmosphere – your success depends on the right stylistic inputs that fits the current trends and tendencies.

A statement about your brand

We have our own in-house stylists. Every single interior, exterior, conceptual, or close-up image that we create has to be state-of-the-art and styled to perfection, because we know what will make your customer stop in wonder.

One of our in-house stylists, Chase Galliardo, explains: There is more to styling interiors, than choosing between wall colors or picking out fabrics. It is an essential framing device and a tool to create a statement about your brand and to build a relation between your business and your customers. It is often how we relate to a brand and its visuals that we buy into, than the product itself.”


What's in it for you?

If you manage to sell the dream – you will sell the product. To sell the dream, you have to stand out and look better than all of your competitors combined. To outmatch competitors, you make sure that your product is placed in a well thought-through environment. This entails that the styling of the room follows the current trends while not being dictated by it. Obviously, it should match the look of the advertised product and the taste of your target audience, but it also needs to show some courage so it stands out on your marketing platform… in other words it is not an easy task. The styling process is very extensive and our stylists approach it by looking at elements such as interior items, colors, textures etc. that, once combined, make up the final impression of the image. 

The "aaw" in awesome

While our stylists always make sure that our image production is on trend and our library with styling elements updated, you can actually hire one of our stylists that is an expert on styling and 3D and knows how to combine them. Booking a stylist for your project also means that the stylist gets to know your brand and what you wish to communicate with your images to make sure each image does exactly that, securing the "aaw" in awesome. 


Breathtaking and beautiful - that's how we work

Check out the stylish images that we made for Nordbohus, Rais, VikingBad and others below.. 

Endless possibilities

“Endless possibilities? How can that be true!” you might think? Well, the possibilities of computer generated images ARE endless. We have a massive library of models to choose from when you want to style your image with furniture, paintings, and fancyware. No matter how unlikely it may sound, 3D really can be so convincing that even the most trained eye can be unsure whether the image is actually real or 3D.

Ask yourself, can you see that these images are 3D?


Meet one of our stylists

Chase spends his time making sure that our clients are sending the right message through their images. Besides visiting design fairs and design studios all around Europe and looking through a weekly stack of both fashion and interior magazines, Chase also shares this knowledge with our 3D artists in order to guide them through the latest trends to make sure that Cadesign form is well equipped for future interior projects.

Additionally, some clients choose to work in close collaboration with Chase to find the creative and visual direction of their images. A collaboration like this ensures the images are in line with the client’s brand and that their brand is shown as contemporary and relevant through its styling.


Industry specific examples

Go to our industry specific pages where we've collected all the best images, films, and product configuration examples from five different industries: Furniture, Kitchen & Bath, Home Improvement, Industry & Manufacturing, and Prefabricated Houses.


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