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Frese uses interactive sales tools to show off their products

Learn how Frese got an interactive sales tool and 3D images to help showcase their products in a visually appealing and educational manner.

To show which customer segments their products are aimed at while making their products appear more comprehensible, unique and memorable.
What we did
3D imagestouchscreen solutions, trade fair materials.
3D images suited for fairs and various marketing connections make the products appear more comprehensible. A large touchscreen solution provides the ultimate customer experience making it both memorable and entertaining.

Company: Frese
Industry: Providers of innovative fluid control & component solutions
Country: Denmark, Scandinavia 


From traditional product presentations to engaging customer experiences

Frese needed to find a way to visualize their rather complex product segment in a way that was both comprehensible, entertaining, and memorable to their customers.

In other words, they reached out to us because they wanted the ultimate customer experience to better sell their products.

They wished to step away from traditional product presentation and focus on the experience of the product rather than the presentation of the product. Frese strongly believes that improved customer experiences will provide a greater understanding of a product, especially products that are as complex as theirs are.
Cadesign form Customer Story, Location Library - Frese Cadesign form Customer Story, Location Library - Frese Cadesign form Customer Story, Location Library - Frese Cadesign form Customer Story, Location Library - Frese Interactive solution - prt sc 4 Video fallback Frese

It's all about standing out

Frese wanted an innovative solution that would improve the customer experience, make people better understand their complex product-line while spreading awareness and enjoyment of their product segment. 

For this particular challenge, we came up with the idea of an interactive touchscreen that potential customers could engage with and thereby be responsible for their own learning process.

This ensures that customers receive information at a pace that is suitable to them while the interactive function helps users get a better understanding of the displayed products. This customer experience stands out in terms of the rather untraditional use of the 3D real-time touchscreen and the interactive elements within the solution.

Use spectacular visualization as a means of communication

Frese is one of the world’s leading producers of innovative fluid control and component solutions. Their products can be used in a variety of places, which means Frese has customers within many different businesses.

Since Frese works in a rather complex range of industry it is vital that their communication is eye-catching, unique, comprehensible and tells the exact USPs that you'll gain from employing their products.

Graphics, images, films, and especially interactive tools are way stronger arguments because our brains decode visual information more effectively than textual information.

Luckily Frese was prepared to stand out and think outside the box which paved the way for the interactive touchscreen tool.

Interactive solution - prt sc 1
Interactive solution - prt sc 2
Interactive solution - prt sc 3
Interactive solution - prt sc 4

Welcome visual interaction into your marketing

With a large touchscreen solution, Frese invites customers to experience their products rather than being presented to them. They let people understand their products by engaging with them in a self-learning manner. Customers will imprint themselves in the memory of the experience because the solution stands out from the traditional product presentation

... and on top of it all, it's fun to use.

Frese's new touchscreen is an interactive sales tool that makes out for a realtime 3D solution. It works perfectly as a sales tool that demonstrates and visualizes how the company's valves work. 

Check out the recap video below that shows how the touchscreen solution works in practice.

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