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Homebase experiences effective lead generation with product configuration

Learn how Homebase engaged their customers by upgrading to a GoCustom customizer.


Showcase their high-quality kitchens with interactive tools. Engage their customers from their homes.

What we did

GoCustom product configurator


Increased clicks on call-to-action buttons, 1000-1500 daily visits on their website and increased appointment requests

• Company: Homebase
• Industry: Kitchen & Bath
• Country: England, UK

How to engage your customers to get in touch

Homebase is one of the UK’s leading home improvement and garden retailers. With their wide product range including painting and decoration, plants, garden tools, and accessories, but especially kitchens, they wanted a solution that could engage their customers to reach out. A GoCustom product configurator was the perfect fit for Homebase, as they wanted to show and configure their many solutions and high quality of both materials and textures, but also reduce the time to action for their customers.
With this lead generating solution, the customer can reach out when interacting with Homebase's kitchens, so Homebase already knows which design, color, etc. the customer wants when their sales reps talk to the customers.
Homebase by Cadesign form Homebase by Cadesign form Homebase by Cadesign form Imac-skabelon-jpg Homebase by Cadesign form

A significant improvement in customer engagement

"We have seen a significant increase in customer engagement and increased dwell time online for kitchens, with positive growth in appointment requests. Cadesign owned the entire journey from initial scoping and project management to delivery and aftercare and continues to be a great partner to work with."
Roh BakerProject Leader, Homebase

Increased use of call-to-action buttons

Based on Homebase's needs and business goals we decided in collaboration that it was the right choice to implement a product configuration tool on their website. 

On a daily basis has between 1000 to 1500 visits.

Furthermore the customers who interact with the configurator also click on the "book design consultancy" button that leads potential customers through to Homebase's website for further information and help.
Homebase by Cadesign form
Homebase by Cadesign form
Homebase by Cadesign form
Homebase by Cadesign form

Effective lead generation in a highly competitive market

Because the customizer has a very high rate of customer use and interaction, we automatically make sure that the product configuration tool is always up to date on pricing and offers, making it easy for potential customers to buy the products.

Homebase has seen a significant increase in customer engagement and achieved their goal with the product configurator; increased appointment requests.

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