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A collection of images, film, animation, and tools to help you succeed with CGI in your furniture business.

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Learn how industry leaders in the kitchen, bath, and bedroom industry use CGI to grow their business and brand recognition.
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Are you struggling to show complex or hidden parts of your product? With CGI we can visualize your product part by part and from all angles.

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Providing customers with a product configurator, Keflico created a smooth user experience which resulted in the highest ever engagement rate on their website one week after the launch.
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Svane Køkkenet benefits from digital transformation synergies

See how we transform a 3D kitchen image into a SoMe film and launch a brand new configurator.


High costs on real photography and production, showcase their kitchens in the best possible way.

What we did

3D images
3D film with styling & light focus
Product configurator


Svane Køkkenet
Kitchen & Bath
Denmark, Scandinavia


Breathtaking 3D images & film, a SoMe package that attracts interest on Svane’s social media platforms, and a configurator that encourages their customers to visualize their dream kitchen from home.


Easy to visualize from home

We have had a great collaboration with the Danish high-quality kitchen manufacturer company, Svane Køkkenet since they started their 3D journey with us years ago. 

One of Svane Køkkenet's focus areas when taking the step to 3D, was to make sure they kept their high quality in the expression of the images, as they were used to with their existing photos.

Therefore, Svane Køkkenet requested 3D images in photorealistic quality and with the right light and styling. We help them to make the right decisions in close collaboration with our 3D experts, stylists, and project managers. 

Recently, Svane Køkkenet upgraded to one of our product configurators, which offers features that match Svane Køkkenet's needs perfectly. A rising number of customers prefer to click, mix and match from their own couch, and with this new configurator, they can visualize it from home and contact Svane Køkkenet directly with the specific details of their dream kitchen.

10074-TMK-AS---Svane---Neff-update-10074_TKM_Svane_Neff-update_119636_Scene01_S19_Medium_Cam1 10074-TMK-AS---Svane---Neff-update-10074_TKM_Svane_Neff-update_119636_Scene01_S19_Medium_Cam2 10074-TMK-AS---Svane---Neff-update-10074_TKM_Svane_Neff-update_119636_Scene01_S19_Medium_Cam3 119318_TMK_Svane_Scene_02_cam_01 119318_TMK_Svane_Scene_02_cam_04 119318_TMK_Svane_Scene_02_cam_03-1

Synergy between Svane Køkkenet & Cadesign form

Svane Køkkenet makes high quality kitchens with a strong focus on traditional crafting not only in terms of the materials they use but also in the way they produce their kitchens and the skilled employees manufacturing them. When putting so much energy into the production of their kitchens, they want to showcase them in the best possible way, which is where Cadesign form comes into the picture.

"We have a great knowledge of each other and a prehistory, where we appreciate that we continue to be challenged on new thoughts and initiatives. It should also be mentioned that persistence and good timing is key in relation to taking new opportunities.”

“We have just launched a Mix & Match feature (Configurator) at, where you can design/select different expressions in our 2 most successful series right now - MASSIV and S19. This feature has bubbled in the pot over time, Cadesign form pushed on, and today we are very pleased that we can inspire new Svane customers with this opportunity on We can already see positive steps in terms of generating traffic on”

Merete Steenberg ThomsenMarketing Manager, Svane Køkkenet

Flawless product presentation

3D Images

Initially we produced several still images presenting their kitchens with a strong focus on detail and materials, which entailed that the still images had to be sharp and precise in order to emphasize the visual impression of every surface and curve in play. Another thing that our 3D graphic artists had a strong focus on, was the lighting in the pictures since this is one of the main parameters that create the liveliness in the image. Lighting creates the shadows and the depth of the image, which makes it look like it was taken by a professional photographer.

However, the real beauty of using 3D is that you are able to enhance every single detail and eliminate any interferences that may occur in a real photograph. This will leave you with a 3D image that increases all of the effects that will make exactly YOUR product look its best while disregarding any irrelevant elements in the image.

3D SoMe film

Luckily, 3D technology offers even more features. Another way in which you can present your product in a convincing and detail-oriented way is by using the stills as moving pictures.


As the description may entail you simply use the already employed 3D images and make them come even more to life by giving them a small transformation by illustrating them in a short SoMe film. This example of product digitalization is very suitable for social media platforms, because the films are often quite short, they are visually appealing and they are created with such photorealism that you will be convinced that you yourself are standing in the kitchen. 

Product configurator

Another attribute of digitalization is that once we have made a high quality 3D model of your product, we can transfer the data to our interactive department where they create configurators and other interactive sales tools. We provide different configurators depending on the company’s needs. In Svane Køkkenet's case, they wished to be able to see the kitchens from three different angles and show the different colors, textures etc. Now, Svane Køkkenet's customers are not dependent on seeing the kitchens in real life, but they can mix, match, and visualize from their homes and save "their" kitchen in a PDF. You can try Svane Køkkenet's new Product configurator right here.


Optimizing your products worth

From a business point of view, it’s a clever addition to the 3D images since you already have the foundation in the shape of the original 3D images and simply buy in an enhancement of these very images. Another element that will enhance the presentation in itself is if you choose to add some appealing background music, which will create an even greater holistic experience.

If you’re still not entirely convinced by the effect of moving pictures, see for yourself underneath. Here is a SoMe film that we created for Svane Køkkenet based on the previous 3D images.

In short, some of the benefits of the configurator: your customers can mix & match from home, see different colors, materials and textures, contact Svane kitchen directly with their specific wishes, and hopefully have a more clear sight of their dream kitchen. 

Furthermore, the traffic on has increased, and the configurator is a nice way to attract people to your website. One thing is for sure, buying a kitchen just got a whole lot easier!

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