Vauni had been scouting for a 3D visualization partner for a while that matched their budget and demand for high-quality. Location Library was the perfect foundation for a smooth start on a new digital journey.

Challenges With limited marketing resources, Vauni was looking for a solution that saves time and effort and is not demanding on the creativity and imagination of the marketer
What we did

Create beautiful interior images and seasonal variations of their flueless fireplaces based on our Location Library service.

  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Reduced lead time on marketing assets
  • Smooth process
  • High-end 3D visualizations


Home improvement, fireplaces



Marketing must run quickly and painlessly

Vauni, a Swedish manufacturer of flueless fireplaces has devoted a great deal of time and energy to the development of its products. As for every innovator, their main focus is on creating products that appeal to people with a variety of needs, tastes, and lifestyles.


For Vauni to be able to maximize its focus on product innovation, other operational tasks, such as marketing must run quickly and painlessly. But when selling a fireplace, one needs quality images that are able to communicate warmth, harmony, and community that a fire inspires. With a need for efficiency and quality, the Location Library service comes into play.

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Reduce time-to-market significantly


Relieving Vauni's marketing resources with Location Library

Choosing a ready-made location from the Location Library makes it easy for Vauni to visualize how the marketing materials will look like, help them create more materials in a shorter time, and put less pressure on creativity and effort from a marketing team.

Once the product is created in 3D and placed into the styled scene from Location Library, Vauni has options to make changes to the scene or add elements such as Christmas decorations to create seasonal images at a very low extra cost.

This made it easy for Vauni to have a constant flow of materials for the website and social media with minimal time and effort spent.

Vauni chose the location called "Location 08 -Industrial New York style apartment". Here are a few examples of how the empty location looks at the beginning of the process.

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Marketing material at a fraction of the cost with Location Library

  • Marketing material at a fraction of the cost compared to a traditional photoshoot
  • Reduced lead time on marketing assets
  • Less demanding on the client’s creativity and effort
  • Easy visualization
  • Smooth process
  • Additional close-ups
  • Different angles for social media

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