It started with a pedal bin in 1939 and is now a full-blown design universe of accessories, furniture, and kitchens. An extensive material knowledge and strong design concept paved that way for Vipp’s transition to the brand that it is to this day.  


Vipp wanted to accommodate the modern buying process on a global scale.

  • Vipp can show their kitchens in every single configuration possible
  • Improved customer experience 
  • Empower salespeople in physical stores
  • Strengthening buyers' confidence in the product 



Designs and manufactures accessories, kitchens, and furniture



Interactive configurator for a great customer experience

Having two kitchen designs, Vipp needed an intuitive design tool that their customers could use to design their own kitchen from home. As deciding on a kitchen is an iterative process, Vipp decided on a product configurator that allows users to go back to their configuration and make changes until they find the right solution for them. The configurator shows the configured solution right away (Realtime) and is built uniquely for Vipp to match their aesthetics and brand. This is an important step in making sure customers get the "Vipp experience" online as well as offline. 

Once customers have found a solution and would like to talk to a salesperson, they send in the configuration and book an appointment to talk about the next step – all done through the configurator.

This also offers benefits for Vipp and their retailers because the configuration is handed over directly from the customer to the salesperson, which means less friction in the process for all parties. The configurator is integrated with Vipp's ERP system, which takes care of seamless synchronization of Vipp retail partner information. A custom-built data import tool enables Vipp to change product data and price in the configurator as well. Another feature is that the system generates a PDF to the kitchen installer, so they can see how to install each piece of the kitchen. Get inspired and try out the solution here.


Our ambitions are high and it is important for us to work with partners who can match this

Vipp’s digital journey with Cadesign form

Agile visual productions with 3D

For Vipp, having their products in 3D supports their digital mindset with a strong online presence that gives their customers the foundation to make the right purchase for them. 

With high quality product images, Vipp can show different parts of their products in product descriptions. And since the images are produced in 3D, Vipp can benefit from the flexibility of being able implement any changes in their product range to the 3D models.




So if Vipp decides to add a new texture to one of their sofas, the 3D model can just be updated and new images are generated. This ensures a smooth production process and saves Vipp time and resources. And if Vipp were to have a product configurator of their sofa, they can use the model they already have and work from there. Stay tuned for more information on that project. 

Vipp also has CAD packages of their products, which means that for one 3D model, they get it in different file formats to make sure all relevant programs can open the model. This is beneficial when working with different partners so that e.g. architects can open the model in the program they use and 3D artists in the program they use.

3D synergies

A variety of 3D services to add to a strong visual presence

  • Product images to present the furniture in different variations.
  • CAD packages that are beneficial when working with different partners e.g. architects and 3D artists.
  • Product configurator that allows users to build their ideal kitchen and benefits the retailers as the configuration is handed over directly from the customer to the salesperson.
  • (Pictured) Interior images that are a powerful branding tool.

Industry specific examples

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