3D film

Visualize your products with 3D film. All our work is computer generated imagery (CGI), making for a truly cross-media presentation. 

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How it works

Are you a good fit for using 3D film?

Each of our 3D visualization services is designed to empower you to achieve remarkable results for your company with us as your strategic partner, guiding you along the right path.

Technology has evolved. As a result, today’s buyers have much higher expectations about how a brand communicates and expect a brand that they can trust. Visually and verbally.


You struggle with at least one of these major challenges.

  1. Long and expensive installation processes for your products
  2. Getting your products to market in time.
  3. You want to show all benefits and features even of complicated products and solutions.
  • Fully tested processes
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Photorealistic 3D quality
  • Consulting about continuous improvements

This service is best suited to companies that are looking to make dramatic improvements to their visual communication and the ROI it drives.


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Top business videos

Get inspiration for your next corporate branding video or video for your social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Or maybe you want to take your product visualization to the next level with a professional product video or commercial. These are all reel examples of video that our customers use in their digital marketing efforts that show just why video marketing is so powerful.

Geberit - Assembly Animation
Rockfon - Assembly Animation
Egernsund Tegl - Assembly Animation

"You are in good hands with Cadesign – they are innovative, visionary, friendly, solution-oriented and an amazing sounding board. You are definitely a front runner if you choose them! I wouldn’t be without them!” Mia Thøisen, Egernsund Tegl.

Siemens - Assembly Animation
Magnet - Assembly Animation
Dali - Commercials
Steinway - Commercials
Kvik - Commercials
Boen - Commercials
BWT - Commercials
Danfoss - Commercials

When a company like Danfoss sets about introducing a new, technically advanced product, the aim is to present it as simply as possible, whilst also wowing the audience. How then, does the marketing manager manage both challenges? They tell a story. Stories capture people's imagination and illustrate and inspire in a completely fresh way – one which the bare facts simply can't deliver.

Linak - Commercials
Cibes Lift Group - Commercials
BoConcept - Commercials
Bosch - Commercials
GEA - Commercials
HTX - Commercials
Mobile Industry Robots - Commercials
OnRobot - Commercials
Schur - Commercials
Danfoss - Corporate Video
Rohde Nielsen - Corporate Video
Cadesign form - Corporate Video
CKL Software- Corporate Video
Feldhaus - Corporate Video

With this corporate video about Feldhaus, the viewer learns that Feldhaus work with bricks, we see that they’re a company of substantial size and impact, we meet the employees and get a hint of their global scale business.

Sjolund - Corporate Video
CA30 - Product Film
Geberit - Product Film
Danfoss - Product Film
Fomaco - Product Film
Talgø - Product Film
Grimsholm - Product Film
Hummel - Product Film
MiR - Product Film
Nordlux - Product Film
Pieter Mourtisen - Product Film
Feldhaus - Company Video

With this corporate video about Feldhaus, the viewer learns that Feldhaus work with bricks, we see that they’re a company of substantial size and impact, we meet the employees and get a hint of their global scale business.

Novenco - Commercial

Check out this commercial film we did for Novenco. They wanted to showcase their products, energy-friendly ventilation systems, and fans, in a creative and comprehensible manner. We listened to their desires, brainstormed, and finally came up with the idea of implementing storytelling and creating the perfect narrator for the purpose, namely a fly. 

Raptor Services - Explainer video
Continia - Explainer video
Royal Unibrew - Explainer video
Schur - Explainer Video

Industry specific examples

Go to our industry specific pages where we've collected all the best images, films, and product configuration examples from five different industries: Furniture, Kitchen & Bath, Home Improvement, Industry & Manufacturing, and Prefabricated Houses.

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