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Conceptual Images

  • 01 How to get started
  • 02 Get creative
  • 03 Decide on a core message
  • 04 Storyboard & production
  • 05 Next steps

We say no to creative limitations

Conceptual images help you communicate your brand with a unique touch, ensuring that you stand out in the market.

To get started, all we need is your initial idea and in collaboration, we will find the perfect angle for your conceptual image.

Tell your brand story like its never been told before

Conceptual images are all about telling your brand story in ways your audience never has heard it before. 

Start by researching your target audience, where they research, read and get their information. 

We work with you on specific and achievable objectives for your new conceptual images. We want to make sure that measuring your success is simple and provides the ROI you need.

Keep it simple, the images will do the rest

Before we start the work of creating your new conceptual images, it's important that you know what the core message you want to communicate is.

This is usually where our creative staff jumps on the call or enters the meeting room.

Let's start building

Once the creative idea and core message are finalized we will start drafting a storyboard for your images and begin the production. 

Your personal project manager will keep you updated along the way with edits, statuses and progress on your project.

Start promoting your new conceptual images for the world to see

When your conceptual images are finalized it's time to start the promotion of them. At this point you should have a clear idea of your target audience, the platforms they use and the core message you're trying to convey to them.

If you're not convinced yet, reach out to one of our experts or keep reading to learn more.

Eye-popping and weird? Or just plain beautiful? We make them all

You say impossible, we say easy. Our 3D artists are creative to the bone. Our conceptual images probably show this particular skill set best. Amazing, right?
Conceptual images

What in the world is that?

True beauty can often be elegant and simple, however there are times where it needs to be portrayed within the bold, bizarre and outlandish. Conceptual images are used as effective eye-catchers on social media platforms, banner ads, websites and all-over the online world to draw in and capture the attention of the user. However, many of the visual presentations we find on printed materials, are equally as unoriginal as the online substances.

Sometimes even the content that is on the border to ugly can be perceived as the most interesting piece of art and just the fact that you’re not following convention can be a persuasive factor in itself when potential customers scroll past all the options in a world of information overload.

So in a world full of information – do not over inform – attract and engage.


Horse it up

For Eilersen, who design living room furniture, grace is in the wild and wicked. They therefore wrap their product in a fairy tale story, which revolves around the horse and the trainer, a central part of their their historic foundation. Eilersen has made the bold move to incorporate either the horse or trainer, which refers to their corporate logo. The way it is executed with such gentle grace and elegance, lifts the products to a superior and more exclusive product presentation level. It’s both incredibly bold and beautiful.

Conceptual images

Be more than a product

Equally daring is furniture manufacturer Montana, who are renowned for their iconic shelves and bookcases. Their approach to product presentation is truly inspiring with power-slashes of various colors and quirky storytelling.  

And speaking of storytelling… the power of storytelling images has never been more effective and coveted as it is today. 

Why? Because you do not simply sell products anymore – you sell the entire dream that your product represents. People don’t just buy products because of their functions and appearance – they buy the products that can help them get closer to their dream.

So go right ahead… be outrageous, be breathtaking, be subtle or be loud – just be more than a product because that, is where the real profit lies. 

Do you need help encapsulating your product in the perfect storytelling setting that sells the dream? We have unique in-house knowledge and competences in both styling and storytelling. 

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