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Your option to get started with 3D visualization in an easy and cost-effective way, but with all the quality and creative spark, we usually deliver. 

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Ready-made locations for your products

Forget the time-consuming planning, booking the photographer, time spent in transit, renting a location and set design. Using 3D technology, we digitized the physical photo shoot and offer you photo-realistic product images of the highest quality. In half the time. Directly from the office.

With Location Library, we offer a catalog of fully developed 3D locations, where you can let your imagination loose, and transform your pack shots into visual masterpieces.

A sharing concept

When you buy the right to use a location and its corresponding space from our catalog, you automatically become part of a sharing concept, where the locations are also available to other customers.

And this is exactly what makes Location Library such a cost-effective solution.

Rather than building each client's own location from scratch, we can invest even more effort and quality into a number of shared locations that everyone can enjoy – at a fraction of the price.

Customized for your needs

If you want your location to stand out, our stylists are ready to adapt it to your needs and make it capture your business’ DNA.

You see, we believe that a product image shouldn’t just showcase your product. It must tell a story. Evoke an emotion. In a jaw-dropping atmosphere that stimulates, inspires, and excites. And once you’ve chosen a location, you can use it again and again.

In this way, digitization and sustainability actually do go hand in hand. That’s a win-win for the environment and your business.

What do you get out of it?

If you manage to sell the dream – you will sell the product. To sell the dream, you have to stand out and look better than all of your competitors combined. To outmatch competitors, you make sure that your product is placed in a thought-through environment. That's where the location library comes in. 

With a location library, we have already created your location. All we have to do is create a high-quality 3D model of your product, and place it in the room. You will get your product images within a fraction of the time it would have taken, and a fraction of the price it would have cost.


Start your digitalization journey with us

Once you have decided on one (or more) of our locations, you are free to sit down and relax, while we do the "hard" work. You simply pick your favorite location, make the adjustments that are needed and then we create the room with your product. 

Not entirely convinced yet? Then keep reading or reach out to one of our experts

Our location library

We have created 8 complete locations that make it easy for you to get started with 3D visualization.

Each location has a number of templates suitable for most of your needs and wants for displaying your products in different settings, styles, and angles.

Our location library is an ongoing process, where there is room for creativity and will be updated with new locations and templates continuously. 

Below, you can see an example of some of the rooms we have in our location library. Rustic, romantic, or classic? Whatever style you prefer, we're ready to make your products stand out.

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Five benefits of Location Library

Reduce your time-to-market

Location Library turns your 3D product files into high-quality, photorealistic product images. In half the time. Directly from the office chair.

Exclusive locations at a fraction of the price

Location Library is a sharing concept, that’s far more cost-effective than if we were to custom-build the location from scratch. That way, we can get off the mark faster and invest more money and effort in fewer locations with premium quality. 

Simple process

Forget about the hassle of logistics, transportation costs, and renting set design, location, and photographer. With Location Library, you just pick a fully developed 3D location, and we do the digital photo shoot. We're talking an average workflow of two weeks. Not two months. 

Sustainable photoshoot

Once you’ve picked your favorite location, you can use it again. And again. Not only does the great recycling potential save you time and money. You also do the environment a favor.

Stand out from the crowd

Whether you sell “one in a million” items or mass-produced furniture, our stylists are ready to customize your selected location, so that it pinpoints your company's DNA. You see, we believe that a product image shouldn’t just showcase your product. It must tell a story. Evoke an emotion. In a jaw-dropping atmosphere that stimulates prospects and wins clients.

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Get 3 images for 60% less than the normal price

Normally, we create a unique setting for our customers which can be quite an expensive affair. 

But with one of our already made locations, you only have to pay for the room, digitalization of your product, project management, and styling. In all this will reduce the price up to 60% of what it normally costs to create an interior image.

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Want more?

Premium locations at a fraction of the cost

Romantic, luxurious apartment in Paris. Raw penthouse in the vibrant New York. Minimalist functionalist villa north of Copenhagen. With Location Library, we wrap your product in visually stunning locations at a cost-effective price.

Although Location Library is a sharing concept, you have every opportunity to achieve the location you need to stand out. Do you prefer sunshine or snow? We adapt the weather outside the window. Would you rather have oak planks than herringbone? We’ll change the floor.

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We provide you with endless possibilities, within the four walls of Cadesign form. Not only do we deliver lightning-fast, have a resource-saving execution, offer creative freedom, and the chance to alter and reuse images. We also have in-house specialists in film, animation, and configuration who can help you with your next steps. So, if you are dreaming about digitalizing your business, this is the place to be.

Going along with CGI is a regular no-brainer: it's a lot easier, more adventurous, prettier, and more cost-effective in relation to reusing images and saving expenses of setting up an ordinary photographic setup. 

You ask, we answer

Frequently asked questions

If you don't find the answer to your question here, please reach out to us and we will update accordingly.

Once I have paid for the location, what are the costs of delivering new images with new products? On top of the ‘access fee,’ you will additionally pay for us to add your product and create the final images. On top of that, we can offer to personalize the location to your specific needs. Please see the price example on this page.
Can I see a full list of recent buyers of the specific location?

We don’t share the list, but we can tell you if any similar brands (within the same country/segment/product category) has used the location already.

Can I make changes to the location?

Yes, everything can be changed at additional costs.

Can I reuse the location for any new image productions going forward?

You pay a one time fee to access the shared location and then you will be able to reuse the location for all of your future production at Cadesign form.


Industry specific examples

Go to our industry specific pages where we've collected all the best images, films, and product configuration examples from five different industries: Furniture, Kitchen & Bath, Home Improvement, Industry & Manufacturing, and Prefabricated Houses.


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