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An incredible customer experience

Give your customers a unique customer experience with a bespoke product configurator solution. Imagine if you could sense a product and all its details and materials from the comfort of your own home. Well, the bespoke solution enables just that!

Any company that has a huge variety of product-options that they wish to showcase in a manageable way, can benefit from using the bespoke solution. 

Not only does the bespoke solution showcase every desired product-option, but it also does so in an aesthetic and extremely functional manner which allows potential customers to truly comprehend the product-specifications and experience it up close before even entering the store.



What is a bespoke solution?

As the word implies, the bespoke solution can customize or configure a specific product or service into a bespoke version that lives up to your personal preference and desire.

Whether you wish to view your potential new kitchen in 8 different colors, want a marble counter and brass metal grips - the bespoke solution will visualize it for you, getting you one step closer to your dream kitchen.

We strongly believe that our bespoke solution is an interactive stroke of genius! Our customizing technology will definitely astonish your customers. Essentially, the solution creates a lot of possibilities, that makes it easier to locate different solutions that will suit your customers' individual taste.

It has never been easier to display a wide product range. Customizable products lead to a lot of variations, but the bespoke solution helps to visualize the complexity in a very simple way.

Learn more about our product configuration solutions here.

High-quality service and outcome

We are always here to help solve whatever challenge is presented to us. We offer our counseling and experience so that you will end up with an incredible and comprehensible bespoke solution that meets your every expectation.

No matter the task, we always aim for a high level of quality. Our various specialists with different backgrounds, always strive to provide the best possible service and deliver high-end product-outcomes that are in alignment with the clients' initial desire.

Let your products do the talking

Whenever you need to purchase a product of value, normally you would want to inspect the product first. With the bespoke solution, you can get close to the product by inspecting it from every possible angle and the best part is, that you get to do it from the comfort of your very own home.

The bespoke solution can be perceived as an excellent sales-conversion tool. Companies employing the bespoke solution will not only meet customer needs through product configuration, but it may also provide potential profit, should customers turn to a purchasing decision.    

Besides being a great sales-conversion tool, another benefit is that the bespoke solution can be employed for monitoring selected elements e.g. materials, colors, etc. This is perceived as being a very important feedback function in terms of getting valuable insights into what product elements customers are most interested in.

Do you want to learn more?

Are you ready to start building your own bespoke solution? Well, what are you waiting for? All you need to do is press the contact button below. 

If you are not quite convinced yet. Then keep reading to see some of our great collaborations and get further inspired!

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See the bespoke solution in action

The bespoke product customizer tool is applicable to any device that is connected to a browser. 

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Talgø is market leading with their bespoke product configurator


How much does it cost?

Every customer is unique, which is why we don’t work with standard pricelists in specific. All prices are based on the scope of the individual project. 

To narrow down the spectrum of the project, we need to know more about the clients' initial desires by asking some clarifying questions. These questions will specify the scope of the project and help to estimate a more specific price range. 

The questions will concern the following areas of interest:



Introduction: Description of your primary reason for choosing a customizer

Purpose and objective: What are the most important parameters we should aim to reach?

Target group: As detailed a description as possible of your target group.

Expected lifetime: of the bespoke solution?


Experience your products from 360 degrees

While still being able to see all the different colors, change the texture, materials, etc. as with the bespoke solution. The WebGL technology enables a real-time configurator to empower the visualization from different angles which contributes to more engaging user experience. The visualizing effect is emphasized by various zoom options along with the ability to move the product around.

Sounds interesting? Check out this case story on Linn Bad, a company that chose to increase the user experience of the traditional configurator with WebGL technology. 


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