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A Product Configuration Tool

GoCustom is an easy-to-use customizer tool, which lets you present your full catalog of products, models, colors, and textures in a neat, fun and engaging way. With GoCustom, users can interact with your products and choose their favorites.
GoCustom is a powerful sales tool. It effectively turn s curious browsers into happy customers, and it delivers customer behavior data and provides tools to boost your business.




Why GoCustom?

Most shopping experiences today happen at home – online. So it’s crucial to make sure to present the best possible representation of your products online. With GoCustom, you can do just that by the click of a button. GoCustom is so easy to implement and the benefits are massive. It allows your customers to interact with your product and basically design their own custom solution.

This full insight eliminates customer insecurity, and the engaging properties of the tool have presented massive increases in time spent on the website. But it doesn’t just generate website traffic. GoCustom boosts showroom traffic as well – we’ve seen cases with close to 500 bookings. Per week.

25+ years of experience

Making a customizer is a multifaceted job with countless potential pitfalls if you do not have the proper insight and experience or the development competencies. Luckily for you, we have all the necessary competencies in-house and we can guarantee sales converting custom-made customizers for all kinds of products, industries, and target groups.     

Easy to use and faster time to market

One of the main reasons why our customers choose a GoCustom solution is because it is easy to use. It works through the browser, so there is no need for specific programs or plugins that usually take forever to download. The system has a responsive design to all sizes of screens and units. 

Furthermore, the customizer reduces your products' time to market. When you show your products digitally, you will get a dynamic and interactive catalog. You can even start showing and selling your product before it is on the market.

A great tool you can include in your GoCustom customizer is the Comparison Tool.  It allows your customer to compare different configurations side by side with a removable vertical bar, making it easy to make qualified decisions.

Start your journey with us

Do you know what you want? Great. Not entirely sure what you want? Even better. We are here for you, and are ready to be your partner in developing your company's marketing.

Keep reading or reach out to one of our experts to learn more about how you can get started using our GoCustom product configuration solution. 

Why choose GoCustom?

Unique benefits of the GoCustom Product Configurator

Gocustom_ikon_Easy to use Easy to use No slow-loading features, downloading programs or plug-ins that take an eternity to complete. Responsive design for all screen sizes and devices.  
Gocustom_ikon_Time to market Time to market By showing your products digitally, you get a dynamic and interactive catalog. So you can even start presenting and selling your product before it’s produced.  
Gocustom_ikon_Easy to implement Easy to implement GoCustom comes as a module for easy implementation on your website. It’s just as simple as embedding a film, and you’ll be up and running in no time.  
Gocustom_ikon_Scaleability Scaleability The platform can be transformed into an in-store experience. And by adding real-life material samples, we offer an immersive product presentation.  
Gocustom_ikon_Present Present The tool lets you showcase your entire product range in a neat way and show every single version of your product. No matter how complex it might be.  
Gocustom_ikon_Design and share Design and share GoCustom allows your customers to interact with your catalog and design their own product – and share it online and with the staff in your showroom.  
Gocustom_ikon_Increase traffic Increase traffic Product insight and interaction eliminate insecurity and let customers feel in control. Research shows up to 800% increase in time spent on the website.  
Gocustom_ikon_Boost conversion Boost conversion The intuitive product presentation with GoCustom effectively turns leads into customers. And when they enter your showroom, they are all ready to shop.  
Gocustom_ikon_Valuable insight Valuable insight The customer clicks around on your website and the system collects the clicks and the valuable customer behavior data for you to boost your business.  

Expand your showroom experience

With GoCustom as an in-store solution, you have the opportunity to combine the actual samples of materials with the digital customizer tool. It lets customers feel the texture under their fingertips and at the same time see the final solution visualized digitally with this exact material. It makes for a very immersive experience and very confident and happy customers.



What leading brands say about GoCustom

Merete Steenberg Thomsen Marketing manager, Svane
“We have just launched a Mix & Match feature (Configurator) at, where you can design / select different expressions in our 2 most successful series right now - MASSIV and S19. This feature has bubbled in the pot over time, Cadesign form pushed on, and today we are very pleased that we can inspire new Svane customers with this opportunity on We can already see positive steps in terms of generating traffic on”
Rob Baker Project leader, Homebase
”We have seen a significant improvement in customer engagement and increased dwell time online for kitchens, with positive growth in appointment requests. Cadesign form owned the entire journey from initial scoping and project management to delivery and aftercare and continue to be a great partner to work with.”
Ove Povlsen Store manager, Invita
“I have experienced that customers like being dared into more bold combinations. There is no doubt it will generate sales. We can close more deals and faster, because they don’t have to make decisions based on their imagination. They can test it, feel it and see all the combinations. The solution is working as the converting tool to close the sale.”
Anna Mayerl Chief of digital communication, ewe

“We are very happy and satisfied with our kitchen configurator as it offers many individual options for our clients and helps them to create their own ewe kitchen. It is a very useful way to satisfy the needs of potential customers!“

Product configuration

Try for yourself



















How fast can I go online with my GoCustom solution?

Your GoCustom solution itself can be up and running in a few days, though the content production often requires additional time, in case this will be your first Cadesign form project. A small project with 1 new scene and <25 textures will have a typical production time of around 3-4 weeks, whereas larger projects will add further weeks due to the content production. If you have already produced CGI images and/or textures with us or another supplier that you would like to use in your GoCustom, then we can cut the majority of the production time.

Can I use traditional photos instead of CGI images?

GoCustom is not suited for traditional photos, as you will lose a lot of the benefits from working with 3D digital images in terms of quality and flexibility within digital layering of the different material categories of the scene. In some cases, it would be possible to work with traditional photos, though it depends on the complexity of the regions that you are looking to customize.

Can I reuse the CGI images for print and online?

Yes, indeed. As a full-service CGI & communication agency, our core strategy is that we are working cross-media and your content will follow all the way.

Can I (re)use CGI images from another supplier?

Yes, but it would require that we receive the 3D source files. We will need to open the files and define the regions that you are looking to customize. In best cases we can reuse the entire scene and will only need to make it ready for customizing, whereas in worst-case scenarios there will be a need for redoing a lot due to different 3D programs and versions, rendering plug-in, material and texture quality as well as lighting settings. We would be happy to give you a proposal for creating new CGI images.

Are you able to integrate towards E-Commerce?

Yes, we offer multiple outbound and inbound link possibilities, that will link the GoCustom to your webshop. For deeper / more complex integration, we are able to offer custom integration, e.g. setting up a webservice.

Can I host GoCustom at our own server?

No, unfortunately. All solutions on the GoCustom platform run on the same web server.

Can I work with localized product ranges for different markets?

Yes, we have several cases where this has been implemented.

Can I have a bespoke design for my GoCustom solution?

Yes, there are no limitations. You can either supply us with a (responsive) design, alternatively we can help designing your bespoke look for your upcoming GoCustom solution.

How do I add new content?

All new content will be added/managed by Cadesign form. The GoCustom solution is built very flexible and it’s easy to implement new scenes, products and textures on the run. As all textures can work across all scenes, and vice versa, adding new content is made really easy.

What kind of support is provided?

Cadesign form will support you by e-mail and phone Monday-Friday 9-15 on normal working days. If you have demands beyond these standards, we can design a specific SLA (Service Level Agreement) for your GoCustom solution.

Can it work offline?

No, unfortunately not. The entire solution is built as an online and browser-based tool.

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