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Furniture portfolio

A collection of images, film, animation, and tools to help you succeed with CGI in your furniture business.

Kitchen and bath portfolio

Kitchen & bath
Learn how industry leaders in the kitchen, bath, and bedroom industry use CGI to grow their business and brand recognition.
Industrial portfolio
Are you struggling to show complex or hidden parts of your product? With CGI we can visualize your product part by part and from all angles.

Home improvement portfolio

Home improvement
An inexpensive, quick and easy way to build your brand with beautiful high-quality images, film and configurators.
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Fritz Hansen case story Cadesign form

Featured furniture case story
As the high-end lifestyle brand that Fritz Hansen is, it was a challenge to find a  professional partner who understands their needs while delivering quality materials on time.

AUBO kitchen case story Cadesign form

Kitchen & bath case story
Being a kitchen, bath, and wardrobe manufacturer, AUBO doesn't just sell products - they sell a certain lifestyle, which must be present in all their marketing material.

GEA case story Cadesign form

Featured industry case story
Discover how one innovative idea ignited a year-round tale of triumph for GEA, a revolutionary leader in sustainable heating and cooling solutions.


Home improvement case story
Providing customers with a product configurator, Keflico created a smooth user experience which resulted in the highest ever engagement rate on their website one week after the launch.
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Cadesign form

Discover how VELUX's brand and product presentation can be elevated using Cadesign form's extensive experience collaborating with top building material suppliers worldwide. Using photorealistic CGI, we highlight your roof windows' minimalist beauty and premium quality, making them stand out like never before.

Elevate your portfolio with a trusted CGI Partner

At Cadesign form, we specialize in creating visual solutions that help your audience see, understand, and remember your products for both residential and commercial use. As a leading visual communications agency, we create everything from images and films to interactive solutions for companies worldwide, delivering a powerful visual impression that resonates with your customers across channels.

With 30 years of CGI expertise, we focus on enhancing your portfolio of roof windows. Our team excels in producing stunning, hyper-realistic visual content that aligns with your distinct visual identity and high standards, thus captivating your audience.

We prioritize understanding your products' unique essence and showcasing them in the best possible (day)light. Our skills and experience will help you unlock your brand's full potential, making your windows truly shine.



Four benefits of partnering with Cadesign form

An experienced partner
We have over 30 years of experience onboarding leading DIY retailers and manufacturers within the Home Improvement, Furniture, Kitchen, and Bath sectors to CGI content production.
A dedicated team
Our team of over 100 talented professionals, including 3D artists, construction engineers, and stylists, is ready to bring your projects to life. You will get a hand-picked, dedicated team ready to guide your projects from idea to stunning visual content.
International reach

With three locations in Europe and our headquarters in Denmark, we are strategically well-positioned to ensure good accessibility, seamless collaboration, and a comprehensive understanding of your target markets.

Full-service agency

We offer a full range of premium CGI services. From the initial spark of an idea to a complete concept and the following execution, we've got you covered, providing a one-stop shop for your requirements.


Return on investment

Unlocking cost efficiency: How VELUX can leverage CGI and achieve 39% cost savings, backed by proven results



As the trusted CGI partner for a leading DIY and home improvement retailer, we achieved a remarkable 39% cost reduction per content piece within the first two years of collaboration. This achievement reflects our commitment to cost efficiency on behalf of our customers.

In retail, where managing costs while staying competitive is a constant challenge, Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) is a game-changing opportunity for VELUX.

By embracing CGI technology, you can revolutionize your product marketing and presentation, gaining a competitive edge and effectively meeting evolving consumer expectations.

Get in touch and let's set up a meeting

Let's create something unique together

At Cadesign form, we understand you may not have all the details immediately, but that's okay! You don't need a complete brief or a grand idea to start. We're here to help you uncover the potential within your vision or even create the vision together.

Our experienced team excels at understanding your different target audiences, preferred channels, and overarching goals. We take the time to learn about your brand and how to align our services best to amplify your diverse messages.

From the initial spark to the final polished product, Cadesign form is your partner in creativity. We combine our technical expertise with a passion for storytelling to turn initial ideas into stunning visual experiences of your roof windows. We want you to know that we aim to elevate your vision and make it resonate with your audiences in ways you never thought possible.

Ready to take your project to the next level? Book a meeting with us, and let’s discuss how we can bring your brands and windows to life with CGI.


4 compelling reasons to allow customers to view your products from every angle

Imagine empowering your sales and marketing teams with an interactive visual product spinner that enhances the entire sales process. Here’s how it creates value for you:

  • Captivate your audience: Engage customers with interactive elements that make their shopping experience enjoyable and seamless.
  • Showcase options and customization: Easily display various styles, colors, and features of your windows and show customers how their choices affect the final product, helping them understand and appreciate their selections.
  • Streamline communication: Simplify complex product attributes with visuals that help make descriptions clear and digestible.
  • Accelerate decision-making: Provide instant visual feedback, shortening the sales cycle.

Incorporate this tool into your marketing and sales strategy and get increased customer engagement, easier sales, and a long list of happy clients. Give it a whirl—click on the window and glide your mouse to experience it first-hand!

Imagine what we can do for you

Endless possibilities with CGI: Transform any product, any material

With CGI, the possibilities are limitless. Your windows' unique styles and materials will be replicated to the smallest detail.

Whether it's the feel and texture of organic pine or the sleek and durable elegance of polyurethane, we will bring your products and visions to life with unmatched precision. Our expertise in CGI allows us to seamlessly adapt to any material, ensuring that your windows are showcased in their most authentic and appealing form.

We've studied your extensive portfolio of windows and hand-selected several references we're convinced you'll find interesting. Enjoy!

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Window references

Turn interest into results

Boost sales with interactive product demonstrations

Interactive product demonstrations are a game-changer whether you want to cement your position as an innovative market leader, inspire end-users, or pursue new collaborations with retailers. They're all about turning interest into tangible results.

These demonstrations allow potential customers to engage directly with a window on your website, providing a hands-on experience that static presentations or brochures simply can't match.

Salespeople benefit significantly by highlighting features in real-time, answering questions on the spot, and tailoring the demonstration to the customer's specific needs and interests.

This dynamic approach builds trust and credibility and helps close deals faster and more efficiently, ultimately driving higher sales and customer satisfaction.

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Let's schedule a meeting to discuss how to elevate your brand together

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We're excited to hear from you and explore how we can collaborate to bring the VELUX brand to new heights.



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