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May 7 - 10 AM (CEST)
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It’s time to adapt your marketing efforts – if you don’t, your competitors will.

Take your production of marketing materials to the next level with computer-generated technology that prepares you for consumers’ increasing demands to online experiences.

In this webinar for professionals, we dive into digital transformation and showcase how integrating digitization in all aspects of your marketing offers a competitive edge.


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About the webinar

Digitalization is here to stay. As consumers become more comfortable with new technologies, their demands and expectations to your digital experiences increase.

One simple online search and hundreds of companies show up that can help solve a problem. Making sure they visit exactly your website is one task - but making sure they choose you is another - and the latter is the one we help you with through visual, digital communication. 

Some of the advantages of digital transformation are:

  • Flexible process: You can act on your ideas much faster and shorten time to market when choosing CGI over photography.
  • User engagement increases: "Wow" your customers with interactive tools that make them remember you and, in the end, choose you over competitors.
  • Reuse materials: As soon as your product is built digitally, you can simply access and reuse it in the future. 

Under the main topic of digital transformation, the webinar will be held in English as a Q&A between our CMO, Christian Bennike, and our CCO, Rune Lawaetz Haaning. We'll answer some of the questions we get asked frequently as well as answer questions sent in by you - therefore, make sure to add your question in the registration.